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Working with web design companies: Tip #1 - Don't rush the process

05/10/13, 5:11 PM

Designing a successful website and online presence takes time. Although we are all aware of the importance of deadlines and budgets, hurrying the web development process usually results in an inferior project that misses the mark.

People often think that developing a web site is just creating a nifty looking design and then throwing some photos on it. This not the case at all. Think of building a great web site like building a beautiful home. It's a process.

You begin with ideas, plans, and blueprints. After these plans have been worked and approved to meet the builders/customers vision, then the process of the actual build begins. The builder then gathers the right materials and communicates the process with the team. And then once the solid foundation is in place they begin building the framework, walls, roof, paint, and so forth.

If you've hired a professional design firm, they have a process in place to help guide the project along from start to finish. Creativity and excellence takes time. So give them a bit of space and you will almost always get a much better product in the end.



Randy Smith