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Why Your Website Is Your Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tool

04/10/17, 10:51 AM
Alex Kastanas

Why Your Website Is Your Most Powerful Digital Marketing Tool.jpeg

Your website isn’t just a provider of information - it’s your business card. It’s your advertising message and your face to the world and the road map for search engines to get your business in front of the right people. Your website is actually the key to all of your digital marketing efforts.

It’s important, is what we’re saying.

Everything builds off of your website. Every single thing you do online leads customers back to your website which means it’s got to be the best component of your digital marketing plan. If you’re doing it right, your website will make information about your business easy to find and help bolster your position as a modern, professional business.

Your website also helps your digital marketing efforts convert. Does that mean e-commerce? Not always. Remember that digital marketing doesn’t necessarily mean people need to buy from you online; conversion on your website might look different than on someone else’s. Maybe your customers aren’t filling up a shopping cart but, rather, calling your in-office team to set up a meeting. Getting your customers to take the action you want is the primary job of your website.

Remember that SEO is a critical component of a comprehensive digital marketing campaign. You can’t optimize for search if your website is subpar! Your site’s SEO components help your business get found online, from the meta descriptions to the sitemap to the URLs. What good is creating a beautiful site if no one ever sees it?

Good websites serve many different purposes at once. If your digital marketing strategy implements different landing pages for different kinds of web traffic, your site is the foundation. If you’ve been spending money bidding on keywords in a PPC campaign, getting people to click-through to your website is the goal. Creating amazing content then disseminating it socially? Your site is where that content lives. Whether people come to your site through a banner ad, an organic search, or a viral Facebook video, they’ve got to be taken care of once they get there.


A digital marketing campaign without great website is, well, a waste of time and money. Your website is your business’ most powerful digital marketing tool but you have to know how to use it.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas