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Why Your Small Business Should Use a Web Design Company

02/24/17, 9:03 AM

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As a small business owner, you’ve accepted by now that you need a professional, engaging website. Its purpose is multi-fold, from attracting new customers to providing useful information to current prospects online. But why does your small business need a web design company?

There’s no one way to create a small business website, but before you download a WordPress theme and slap up your logo and business hours, think twice. Here are some very valuable insights into the benefit small businesses get from good web design.

You Need an Objective Perspective
A holistic web design company doesn’t just offer coding. They act more as a consultancy about the direction of your brand (your business has a brand, right?) Sometimes it’s hard to “see the forest for the trees” and you may not realize the way your current website comes off to customers. While you might adore that background music and those dozens of drop-downs, end users probably don’t. Web designers are in the trenches and they know what your competitors are doing – and how they’re succeeding. A great designer will marry your wants with your needs in a way that appeals, informs, and converts.

All Websites Are Not Created Equal
Oh boy…they are not! We won’t get you too bogged down in the details but there are zillions of ways to make a website. Is yours platform-enabled? Does it sit on a responsive CSS framework? Where is it hosted? It’s mobile-friendly, right??? You may not know the answers to these questions (and, more importantly, the right answers to these questions), but a web design company does. An experienced team can help you decide on the right hosting strategies, marketing automation, and mobile platform for your website and build it out accordingly.

Designers Know Good Design (and SEO, and Marketing, and…)
Web designers naturally have an eye for design: things like fonts, gradients, spacing, and IUX. When they work on a team, they can also be an excellent resource about things like SEO, online content, and digital marketing. A website is only as functional as the sum of its parts. Having an SEO plan in place when writing the online content to disseminate through a digital marketing campaign that directs people back to your super-cool site puts you about 3,000 steps ahead of the curve. As with most things online, it’s hard to catch up once you get behind in any specific discipline.

Professionalism Starts Online
Today’s consumer is more informed than ever before. Did you know that over 50% of people who searched for a store then visited it in person that same day? Or that in surveys of people who leave a website without buying or clicking around, a full 94% said they did so because they were wary of the site’s design? Whoa. If your customers can’t find what they’re looking for – your hours, your menu, your products, or worst of all, any online presence – they’ll wonder where else you’re lacking professionalism. In today’s business climate having a website is akin to having a business card; you simply can’t opt out. And if you’re going to build a site anyway, why not build a really good one?


Synchronicity has helped hundreds of small businesses achieve their goals online. From updating ancient websites to providing valuable feedback and direction about things like layout, mobile responsiveness, and customer communication, we’ve done it all.

Your website is the first introduction most customers will have to your business. What is yours saying?

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Randy Smith