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Why Your Industrial Business Needs Video Marketing

12/29/17, 9:44 AM


Video is here to stay.

If your business marketing strategy doesn’t include video, you’re already behind the curve. Video is the fastest-growing content on the internet, and it’s only getting more prolific. Whether you’re an industrial startup or a legacy operation, here’s why you need to be investing in video.


By 2020, video will account for over 80% of all consumer traffic on the web.

Yeah, that much. And we’re not talking videos of cats playing with laser pointers, either. Consider that in 2015, the most recent year stats were released, more than 100 million hours of “how to” videos were watched on YouTube alone.

That’s important.


The kind of video content people are consuming is shifting as people continue to look to the internet as the expert on, well, everything. There’s huge opportunity for video-forward brands to capture the attention of potential customers simply by being what they already are: experts.


Industrial businesses are inherently complex. Video offers an easy-to-access way to explain complicated concepts to customers, like how to troubleshoot the pneumatics on a specific type of printing equipment or exactly how to handle leftover industrial waste.


Video is also intrinsically personal. Industrial companies are not. In a crowded marketplace, crafting a personable brand for your industrial business could be the edge you need to set yourself apart from your competitors. It could also be the key to retaining high-value customers year after year. Think of video as a two-way conversation between you and your customer…

…the trick is, you have to listen. Understanding what your customers are asking for is the key to creating video marketing strategies that work. Video for the sake of video is just yelling into the void; video that answers pointed, industry-specific questions with expertise? That’s enough to convert a sale.


Video marketing is a freight train, and it’s barreling down the tracks. You can bet your competitors are doing it, or at least working on it. And why wouldn’t they after reading statistics like these?


Have a plan for video yet?
It can feel overwhelming. It took a whole year to put together that snazzy trade show brochure…How can you ever be expected to produce (multiple) high-quality professional videos for your brand?


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