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Why Your Company Needs SEO

10/20/14, 4:50 PM

Many business owners are facing the grueling question of how to be found online. Many feel that word of mouth and phone book ads will still keep them ahead like it always has and will continue to keep them growing as a company but this fantasy will soon come to an end.

With Major commercial search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, searching is now the primary way people look for potential businesses. For a business to grow in 2014 you need to have a strong online reputation, having a strong SEO campaign is one of the most important ingredients to your web presence.

Imagine creating a breathtaking resort spa but not having anyway for someone to get there? The spa wouldn’t last because no one can get there to find you.This analogy is how SEO works. It is important for you to create distinct path and lead people to your site. People are looking for your services and will look for those services with key words for example “resort spa” because they are in need of what your business has to offer. Easily allowing them to find these services will increase your site’s traffic as well as increase the chances that this potential customer may turn into a profit.

If you are investing into a website you may want to consider a strong SEO campaign. SEO has a major impact on all types of businesses but to really stand out with a moderate size business you need to always be up on your competition. Having this solid SEO campaign will give you that edge and will create a p
ath to your services for your potential customers at the most crucial point.

Optimizing a website is simply increasing the traffic and interaction that the current site is getting. Optimizing your site goes further than what the search engines are looking for. Above adding emails, social media and offline marketing will help optimize your sites SEO and give you a strong campaign.

Search engines are looking for a few things when ranking your company’s website. the first is content, Google wants to make sure all of your information is consistent and concise. Your sites speed and if it works fast as well as if it works efficiently. Authority, does your site have content that is written well enough that it can be linked back to or referenced. Finally if your site is user friendly and if it is easy to interact with.

Keep in mind when you are looking into optimizing your site so that it holds a structure that search engines can read it that you are not over plugging in key terms or adding information that doesn’t pertain to your business, industry or service.

Randy Smith