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    Why You Need to Redesign Your Website (And the Repercussions of Not Doing So)

    Posted by Synchronicity on Dec 18, 2015 4:05:37 PM

    Although much of this world is left up to opinion and question, it is a fact that if you do not eventually update and redesign your website, your business will die a slow and painful death.

    Reasons to Redesign Your Website Regularly (besides a slow a painful death)

    Appeal to Your Online Buyer or Visitor.

    php-3As new generations take over entire markets and industries, new sets of expectations have been developed that companies need to follow.

    One, have a simple path to conversion (conversion can be, but is not limited to: form fill-out, purchase order, online store purchase, RFQ, download content, etc.). Two, be consistent across all devices, browsers and platforms. Three, visually appeal to your demographic. Four, forget about B2B or B2C, and think B2H (Business to Human) when creating customer experiences.

    Beauty & Simplicity

    web-design-charlotte-synchronicity-web-designs-and-digital-marketing-2015If your online “store front” looks like browser vomit and has terrible UX (user experience), then that is the expected quality of your business or products to any prospects or new customers. You must master the art of visual attraction and function to truly appeal to your users. This is easier said than done. But, when done correctly, you will be able to maintain a healthy user base that grows accustom to your sites “splendor and uncomplicatedness.”

    Stay Up-to-Date with the Latest Security Protocols

    web-security-why-you-should-always-use-https-23eaa19b03If you cannot relate to the first two reasons, then at least redesign and update your website to a new CMS, or content management system, for security reasons.

    New tactics of hacking are created every year. The longer you wait to update your site and redesign it on a new CMS, the more likely you are to be hacked… Then it’s too late and you’re screwed. Hopefully you didn’t have anything important in the 15 years of database accumulation that was never updated or cleaned out… Oh well.

    Updating and redesigning will give your website a cleaner feel and more robust code so you do not have to worry about things like getting hacked.

    What Happens if You don’t Redesign Your Website?

    Loss of Qualified Traffic

    If your website is not redesigned or updated, your new prospect traffic will dwindle and your site will not be optimized for your online demographic. This will lead to loss of potential sales.

    Not only is capturing your incoming leads important, but it’s equally important to not scare them off. Lack of design appeal is one of the biggest factors in high website bounce rates. Keep your bounce rate low by drawing the user in with simplicity and good looks, and push them through your site with an easy path to conversion!

    Don’t lose potential sales over website apathy. Even if your company is selling well, your company could simultaneously be losing customers to your hardier online competitors.

    Search Engines will Ping Sites for not having Mobile-Friendly Design

    When your website is designed solely for desktop use, search engines crawl your site and learn that it isn’t mobile or tablet-friendly. Which, in return, will lower your search engine rankings, and sites that are updated and freshly redesigned with multiple devices in mind will rise.

    Again, Without Updates You will get Hacked

    php-2Let’s talk about sites that collect visitor information of any kind. Let’s say you are an ecommerce site. Welp! There goes all of your customer payment information. Let’s say you are web service providing information to a second level user database. Now you’ve just given all of your users’ contact information to some hacker from another country looking to give one lucky winner a bagillion dollars! Which, of course, will lead right back to you and your lack of website updating.

    Update and Redesign your Website

    sync-circle-logo-2014It’s your responsibility to keep your buyers safe and to give them an incredible experience every time they visit your website.

    If you are looking to update and redesign your site, and you do not want to rely on luck, drop us a line over here at Synchronicity. We’ll be here patiently waiting to give your customers satisfaction and a great user experience.

    Contact Us!

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