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    Here's Why Your Manufacturing Business Needs a Blog

    Posted by Synchronicity on Aug 24, 2017 9:27:00 AM

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    Your business needs a blog.

    Yes, even your manufacturing business! Whether you’re not even sure what a blog is or you’re still not convinced anyone’s going to read the content you put out, here’s why your manufacturing operation needs a blog.

    Customer-Facing vs. Search Engine-Facing
    The first thing to understand about a blog is that it’s not just for your customers. When you put out content, it accomplishes more than one purpose: Ideally, people on the web will find it useful and relevant, but content is also intended to tell search engines what you’re all about. Blogs are great for SEO. Businesses shouldn’t only look at blogs from a readership perspective, and they shouldn’t assume each post must be incredibly specific to their business. Great blog content is readable, informational, and industry-relevant, containing keywords that search engines use to rank your website. Just because your business doesn’t sell a specific model hydraulic press doesn’t mean your customers (and Google!) aren’t interested in hearing your opinion on it.

    Blogging as Brand-Building
    Every business has a “brand” whether they like it or not. Building a brand is a process, and it’s one your business should take ownership of. A blog is a great way to consistently put out information about your brand: Its differentiators, its market position, and its business philosophy. To grow your manufacturing business, your customers (and search engines) must see your brand as an authority. Blogs are an easy to way to build that authority through relevant content and connections with other industry leaders.

    A Business Blog Can Drive Leads
    Think of each blog post as a new landing page. Every time you write highly-specific content, you’re talking to an audience. One well-crafted blog post on a specific product you sell, for example, could rank very high for super-detailed searches. The kind of customers who search using super-detailed keywords are usually ready to buy. When a customer reaches your blog once they’re already far down the purchasing funnel, well-thought out content can be the thing that finally convinces them to purchase.

    Blogs Give You Digital Marketing Fuel
    Digital marketing doesn’t work without consistent, pointed content. That content is a lot of things: e-Books, white papers, social media posts, graphics, and…blog posts! Blogging gives you something to talk about online. A post is a conversation-starter for your audience as well as sharable content you can use to bolster your social media following. The best way to build an audience who’s interested in buying your product is by giving them something of value: industry-relevant content.


    New to blogging?
    Can’t seem to find the time to get those blog posts out?
    Still aren’t convinced your manufacturing business needs digital marketing at all?

    Call Synchronicity. We work with manufacturers all over the country to generate leads through digital marketing. And yes, we’ll do the heavy blog-lifting for you.

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