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    “Why is it Taking So Long?”: SEO Questions Not to Ask

    Posted by Synchronicity on Sep 21, 2017 9:33:00 AM


    We’ve said it before: SEO is a long game.

    It’s totally natural for clients to wonder how long it should take for SEO results to become noticeable. There are a lot of people making empty promises out there like “Page 1 in 1 Week!” or “3,000 clicks by Friday!” Understandable, then, that people should sometimes ask their digital marketers, “Why is my SEO taking so long?”

    Here’s the lowdown.

    First, Know Which Results to Look For

    When you say you want to see “results,” what do you mean? SEO is measured using hundreds of different metrics and the ones that are important to your business may not matter to someone else’s. Some results may come quickly, like being indexed by Google or getting referral traffic from a viral blog post. Others take time to show up because they’re measures of gradual performance. Successful SEO foundations are built on these kinds of results. 

    It Takes Time for Your Site to Get “Fit”

    Think of it this way: SEO is like a workout regimen for your site. It’s all about continuous, incremental improvement that builds on itself over time. Of course, there is low-hanging fruit like fixing 404 errors and getting rid of spammy links, but the big stuff – improved rankings, increased long-tail keyword traffic – starts showing up after you put in the work. The work, in this case, being content marketing, digital marketing, and thought leadership.

    No, But Seriously, Why is It Taking So Long?

    The bottom line is, implementation of a successful, sustainable SEO strategy that offers up measurable results is going to take at least six months to a year. That’s a year of consistently analyzing data, studying keywords, and adjusting your content strategy…but it’s time well-spent! By carefully laying your site’s SEO foundation brick-by-brick you’re in a much better position for new pages to be indexed faster, to receive referral traffic, and for search engines to view you as an authority site

    If your website is being optimized for the first time or undergoing a total overhaul, you should expect results to take a little longer; you’re starting from behind the curve! The best way to avoid becoming disillusioned with your SEO strategy is to ask your digital marketer for a timeline upfront, understanding that many factors are out of anyone’s control. From there, set dates along the way to reevaluate your SEO strategy to keep your finger on the pulse.

    Better than improving your search rankings is generating leads. They’re why rankings matter in the first place! Your digital partner should be working towards your specific business goals, especially lead generation. SEO is just a piece of the puzzle.


    Who is that partner? 

    It’s Synchronicity, of course!  

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