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    Why eBooks Matter for Industrial Businesses

    Posted by Synchronicity on Oct 11, 2017 9:03:00 AM


    Why would an industrial business need an e-book?
    It’s a great question.

    eBooks serve many purposes, particularly when they’re written about an industry as specialized as industrial manufacturing. At their core, eBooks are marketing vehicles…if your industrial business is looking to grow, change, or improve its customer base, an eBook might be able to help.

    Here’s how.

    eBooks as Thought Leadership
    In industry, thought leadership is everything. Industrial businesses live and die by their reputations; most industrial providers have one or two superlatives they’re known for: the fastest, the most customized, the best service.

    Becoming known as a thought leader in your specific niche of industry should be high on your branding priority list. As industry goes increasingly global, branding is more important than ever, especially digital branding efforts. If search engines and social media accounts tell prospective clients you’re an expert on something (so much so that you literally wrote the eBook on it!), those customers are going to listen.

    eBooks as Lead Generators
    You may have heard marketers talk about something called “premium content.” What does it mean? In essence, it’s content so good and so desirable that readers will give you something in return for it. Online, this typically means their contact information and/or email address.

    eBooks are prime examples of premium content. Industrial lead generation is a highly-specific business and warm leads are hard-earned. By creating compelling premium content that can be used to garner qualified leads, you’re building equity in your marketing pool. You’re also making things easier for the sales department by serving them educated, well-read leads.

    eBooks as Content Vehicles
    A lot of industrial businesses have blogs, but is your business’ blog the best place for all that well-written industry content to live? A form of content that feels a bit more permanent (not to mention, professional) is an eBook.

    eBooks have longer shelf lives than blogs and they’re more suitable for longform content pieces. They’re great for incorporating into email workflows and ideal for printing and binding for meetings. In short, eBooks serve a variety of purposes, and you may already have the foundational content you need to get started.

    So, is it time your industrial business started putting out eBooks?
    Synchronicity can help. We work with our clients to produce beautiful, well-written eBooks. They’re they kind of content our clients are proud of for years to come and…what do you know…they also generate leads.

    You need a partner in digital. Give us a shout today to start talking.

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