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    Why Budget Matters in Web Design & Development

    Posted by Synchronicity on Mar 19, 2018 9:03:00 AM

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    Unless your business is printing money hand-over-fist, budget is probably a huge concern when it comes time to redevelop your website.

    That’s fair! Your budget should be a priority for you as you search for an experienced web design team. It should also be important to your developer. Here’s why.


    Your Motivation Sets the Tone for Your Budget

    Knowing how much to set aside for a web development project really starts with understanding your motivations. You wouldn’t buy a new car if you didn’t know what you wanted out of it, right? A few of the most common motivations for developing a new website include an ageing current site, changes within the business, increased online competition, and a push towards better digital marketing performance.

    The more areas of your business that are counting on a new website, the more you should plan to budget for it.


    Budget Impacts the Scope and Scale of Your Design

    Think of websites like houses: There are modular, one-room houses built for efficiency and affordability. There are modest ranch homes, built for durability and comfort. And then there are mansions, built for status and luxury. In web design, there are a lot of different kinds of sites including “portfolio” and “storefront” and “e-commerce.” The budget for your redesign will drastically impact what “kind” of site you can afford, so start with your must-haves. Do you need customers to be able to order online? Are you simply looking for nice mobile site pedestrians can reference on their phones?

    The more complex your site, the more you should expect to budget.


    Your Web Design and Development Aren’t One-Time Expenses

    This is the part to many businesses fail to see when they’re budgeting for a new website. Yes, the initial design and development of the site itself will be the biggest budgetary line-item, but ongoing digital marketing and website upkeep should also be included in your budget calculations! Without continuous investment in your online presence, your website becomes an island. The internet is a big, big place, and your customers rarely find their way to islands.

    Don’t forget to budget for the ongoing costs of a lead-generating inbound marketing strategy as well as occasional and necessary website “tweaks.”

    Synchronicity has been designing and developing websites since the 1990s. We aren’t always the cheapest, but our customers always feel like they’re getting the quality that they’re paying for. Comprehensive web development (and ongoing website management) is an investment, but it’s an investment that will undoubtedly grow your business.


    Want to learn more about how much a new business website will cost you? Reach out to the team at Synchronicity today so we can assess your company and give you a customized quote.



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