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Why Are Mobile Websites Important For Ecommerce Businesses?

11/20/13, 10:46 AM

Almost 25% of mobile phone users access websites through their phones at least once every day in order to find solutions (provided by businesses). This is not just because they want to window shop, but because they are looking for solutions and need them right away. More and more people today are using their mobile devices to make business transactions so that they can get everything they want right when they need it. Therefore, it is becoming highly important for businesses to have an Ecommerce website that is compatible for mobile devices.

Having a mobile website would not only increase online traffic but in-store traffic as well. Most of the queries made about businesses through mobile devices are related to their store locations, operating hours and products available. If your customers are out somewhere and suddenly need to buy something from you, they use their mobile to reach your website to learn whether the product they need is available or not before visiting the outlet.

This doesn’t mean however, that online purchases are not made through mobile devices. On the contrary, the number of purchase transactions conducted through mobile devices is constantly increasing as more customers look for convenience. Here’s an alarming fact: 60% of customers switch to competitors if they don’t find a mobile compatible website offered by a retailer. With the holiday season approaching, this could mean a significant loss of sales for companies that don’t have mobile-friendly websites.

What make it even more important for your business to get mobile-compatible websites are the facts and figures that indicate that mobile transactions would surpass online transaction made through PCs by as early as next year. More than half of potential customers would switch to the use of mobile websites in order to make online purchases and would not hesitate to switch to another website if they saw one that didn’t work properly on their mobile device.

As an Ecommerce retailer, it is very important for you to have a mobile-friendly website. A mobile-friendly website helps you stay connected to customers on all different browsers, which enable more opportunities for sales and success! Need help with your Ecommerce website? We can help! Click here to learn more.

Randy Smith