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    Sales and Marketing Alignment: Why You Can't Live Without It

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jul 18, 2017 10:27:00 AM

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    What is “sales and marketing alignment?”

    Marketing’s goal is – simply put – to generate leads. The sales team’s goal is then to close those leads. There’s a lot of gray area between A and B, though, and misalignment of sales and marketing efforts can create a pretty inefficient purchasing process. It can even cost you business.

    When sales and marketing aren’t working as one entity they’re not effectively serving the client. Your customer doesn’t care who’s in the C-suite and who’s got a quota…they want information, service, and a smooth purchase process. That’s it! It’s your company’s job to do the hard stuff behind the curtain.

    What are some of the biggest risks of sales and marketing teams on different planes?

    Dropping Warm Leads
    The most frustrating aspect of misaligned marketing and sales efforts is the “Who’s on first?” conundrum. Maybe Mark in Marketing thought Sally in Sales was checking her reports sheet more often, or maybe Sally assumed Mark would let her know when someone needed a more comprehensive quote. Whatever the case, poor communication between teams means that customer is floating in space, unconverted by either team. Avoid this at all costs.

    Misleading Content Creation
    It’s never anyone’s intention to make the other side’s job harder, of course, but ineffective alignment does just that. Marketing is generally responsible for creating and/or disseminating the content that brings leads in…website copy, email blasts, industry ads, etc. If their messaging doesn’t complement exactly what sales is selling, the customer instantly loses trust. Instead of marketing and sales, think of your teams as “Information” and “Closing.” Give your customers much of what they need upfront so that by the time they get through the funnel, they’re invested in the purchase.

    Lost in Translation
    As large or independent as your sales and marketing teams may become, they should never be too far removed from each other. Some simple strategies can help prevent miscommunication upfront. On initial client calls and intermittent follow-ups, both teams should be represented. Mark might brush something off that the client says while Sally hears it as a huge opportunity! Automation is critical as any organization grows, but neither team should completely rely on software to take the place of communication.

    For any size business, sales and marketing efforts must be well-coordinated to best serve the clients’ needs. Whether one person is handling both facets or there are a dozen people on each team, constant follow-up, review, and planning are essential.

    Sync can help you better coordinate your digital sales and marketing efforts. Contact us to find out how.

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    Randy Smith brings both an extensive creative and sales background to the world of digital marketing. As the founder of Synchronicity he has been rattling the foundations of traditional business methods for over 20 years and using his lifelong entrepreneurial savvy to successfully help businesses grow their sales and marketing. He is also a Billboard and international award winning musician, recording 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the US and Canada.