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    When It's Time to Call a Marketing Agency

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jun 13, 2017 9:11:00 AM

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    When should your business consider hiring an outside marketing firm?

    It’s a common question among small- to medium-sized businesses, and a fair one. Marketing expertise can make the difference in a floundering business and a thriving one, but it’s not free. How can businesses determine whether spending money on marketing is worthwhile?

    Here are some instances when your business should absolutely, positively bring in a marketing agency.

    To Focus Your Brand
    “Branding” is something best left to professionals. A marketing agency can help you determine how to brand your business, from the color scheme to use to the tone you should address your clients in. Your brand will stick with your company long after any concrete marketing is over with, so getting it right matters.

    Talking to a New Audience
    Maybe your business is growing or maybe you’re launching a new product line. It’s important to analyze the right way to introduce yourself to a new audience, and a marketing firm can help. They can research trends and past successes to figure out the best way to position your business for success in a new market.

    Entering a New Space
    Whether you’ve never performed any active marketing for your business or you’re looking to launch a new digital marketing campaign, you need help. Trust the experts to navigate the intricacies of a new medium – TV, print, digital, etc. Professional digital marketers, for example, understand things like SEO best practices and PPC vs. organic vs. social media ads. Investing in expert advice upfront helps your business avoid wasting money on trial-and-error.

    You Have a Goal
    Marketers love goals. If you’ve got a specific goal or set of goals in mind, bring in a pro. Whether you need more sales, hotter leads, or to increase brand awareness, marketers know exactly how to get it done.

    You’re Overwhelmed
    Marketing is a full-time job. It’s not something that can be tended to sporadically and it’s not a line item on a budget sheet. To produce consistent, measurable results for your business, marketing efforts need to be actively managed; that’s where a marketing firm comes in. They have the resources and the tools in place to oversee your marketing, from planning to execution to review. Most SMBs simply don’t have the time or manpower to efficiently manage their own marketing efforts in-house.

    Synchronicity isn’t just a
    digital marketing agency, we’re your marketing partner. Small and medium businesses come to us when they’re ready to take their operations to the next level…how can we help you?

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    Randy Smith brings both an extensive creative and sales background to the world of digital marketing. As the founder of Synchronicity he has been rattling the foundations of traditional business methods for over 20 years and using his lifelong entrepreneurial savvy to successfully help businesses grow their sales and marketing. He is also a Billboard and international award winning musician, recording 6 albums and touring extensively throughout the US and Canada.