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When Opinion Does and Doesn't Matter to Your Website's Success

03/23/17, 10:55 AM

When Opinion Does and Doesn't Matter to Your Website's Success.jpeg

Whose opinion?
Your opinion.

That sounds harsh…let us back up. You see, we build websites all the time for discerning small- and medium-sized business clients. We get it. Your website is the first introduction a lot of your customers have to your brand and acts as your face on the web. You want to get it right.

Good news: So do we!

Your opinion matters when it comes to your website. But it may not matter quite as much when it comes to your website’s success. In fact, it might actually get in the way.

When Your Opinion Matters Most
Opinionated about your business website? Good. Then you’re off to the right start. You’ve probably got a lot of thoughts about the color scheme and font choice, but there are more important things to consider, including:

Who your site is meant for: You should play a big hand in creating buyer personas for your website, and in determining who your site should appeal to.

What you want your site to say: What do you want your site to do? Convert customers? Get them to call you? Inform them about your business or your product?

Who you want to compete with: You know who your biggest competitors are and how they’re succeeding where you’re not.

The overall feel of your site: At the end of the day, your website should reflect your business. Don’t get stuck on the small things, but overall, does your website represent you the way you want?


When Your Website Might be Successful Without Your Opinion
Unless you’re an experienced web design firm you probably don’t have a lot of practice creating effective, professional websites. That’s okay. That’s why you’ve hired a professional! Be sure to listen to their suggestions closely, because they know how to make your website more effective at…

Getting found in search results: Does it feel like your pages are too word-heavy, or that the headlines feel a little too simple? It’s all part of your site’s SEO plan and those features are for search engines, not for people. As long as your site still feels like it represents you, let your developer optimize it for you.

Being organized correctly: Sometimes clients can’t see the forest for the trees. You may feel like your site’s menu should contain twelve buttons but your developer says you only need six. They know best how people will interact with your site, so let them guide the sitemapping process.

Layout, colors, and fonts: Aesthetics are all deeply subjective, but trust that you’ve hired a professional whose work you respect. They know how much negative space to include, whether your text should be serif or sans-serif, and how much border that picture needs. Have an opinion but listen, too.


Of course your opinion matters! Just be sure to be open to the opinions of qualified professionals as well. You chose your web developer carefully…don’t worry, they want your site to be just as successful as you do.

Need a second opinion on your site’s design? Synchronicity can help. Reach out to our team today to find out more.

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Randy Smith