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What's Trending in Digital Marketing?

05/22/18, 9:01 AM



Digital marketing is a moving target.

Search engines are always changing the rules of the game and what works today almost certainly won’t work tomorrow. Change is just an inevitable fact of life for digital marketers.

Sync takes a look at what’s trending in digital marketing in 2018.

Data-Driven, Individualized Marketing

Digital marketing is going granular. According to a recent survey by Adobe, “individualized” messaging is where most top companies think digital marketing is headed. As consumers become ever more aware of oversaturation, it’s up to smart marketers to create the kind of custom connections that build brand relationships. From personalizing email workflows to leaving Easter Eggs for well-educated consumers, smart brands are thinking past one-size-fits-all.


Longer, Deeper Content

Gone are the days in which a keyword-heavy, 300-word blog posts was enough to boost a website onto the first page of search results. Engines are getting more serious than ever about serving up useful, comprehensive information to searchers and data suggests they’re rewarding sites that invest in quality long-form content. What is “long-form?” In general, pages that contain 2,000 or more words tend to do best in search results and, bonus, they also result in the happiest customers.


Super Semantic Search

Google recently rolled-out something they call “mobile-first indexing” which means the search giant will be serving up the mobile versions of websites first. Why? Because more people are now searching on mobile devices than desktops. For brands, that means semantic search will be more important than ever for dominating search rankings. Algorithms are getting better and better at figuring out exactly what web users are looking for, and so too must brands. Content marketing seeking to answer conversational search questions and respond to voice search queries is the right next step.


Video Content Gets Better

There are over 1,000,000,000 hours of video watched on YouTube every single day. In order to cut through the clutter, video marketers are becoming smarter about the way they talk to their audience. More and more, brands are producing explainer videos to quickly and efficiently move potential customers down the funnel. Likewise, “old school” industry players are increasingly turning to video to lend their businesses an air of authenticity and humanity.


Focus on Invisible ROI

Marketing automation software is creating mountains of new data around digital messaging every day, and it’s telling forward-thinking marketers to look beyond the tangible. Brands are reporting increased success by focusing on the more nebulous components of marketing – specifically, brand awareness – as once-ignored segments of the purchasing funnel. Creativity is the gateway to creating the kind of engaging content that resonates with web users before they even know what they’re looking for.

How are you changing your digital strategy to adapt to Web 2.0? (Or is it Web 3.0? Web 4,000.0?) If your strategy isn’t evolving, your business is being left behind.

The team at Synchronicity stays on top of what’s trending in digital so you don’t have to. We’re ready to talk about the right strategy for growing your business online.


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