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What You Don't Know About Snapchat for Business

08/01/16, 3:39 PM
Alex Kastanas

Snapchat is the most productive marketing medium your business isn’t using. At least, that’s what all the experts are saying. Released only in 2011 and now quietly preparing to file for an IPO in the coming months or years, Snapchat is the current juggernaut among the increasingly-crowded social space.

Here are a few in-depth reasons your business should be working on a comprehensive social marketing strategy that includes Snaps.

Snapchat is Where All the “Youngs” Are

Don’t know what “youngs” are? Then you’re probably an old. Anyway, while it’s impressive enough that 18% of all social media users are on Snapchat, it’s more important that 45% of its user base is between 18-24. Nearly a third of all millennial social users regularly use Snapchat! This age bracket is notoriously difficult for marketers to reach in any meaningful way, and Snapchat’s Stories function as well as its inherent intimacy with individual users makes it a untapped gold mine for youthful consumers.

Women Love Snapchat

Okay, so maybe you already knew that Snapchat was a playplace for teens and twenty-somethings, but did you know it’s also very, very female-dominated? Nearly 70% of Snapchat’s users are women – combine that with its core age demographic and as a marketer, you’ve got a standing appointment with the people who make 70-80% of all consumer spending decisions.

Engagement and Retention are Snapchat’s Specialties

Smart brands like Adidas are realizing just how important retention is when it comes to video streaming, and they say Snapchat holds consumers’ attention 80-90% better than the brand’s YouTube videos. The ability to engage on a one-on-one level with consumers is also a boon for small or start-up brands like Everlane, who are seeing exponential growth of consumers snapping selfies in their gear after pushing out “radically transparent,” raw videos of the company’s headquarters and operations. In an environment cluttered with content, Snapchat is getting consumers to dwell.

Snapchat is Great for Demos and Troubleshooting

For brands that face a steep education curve when introducing themselves to market, Snapchat presents an opportunity. Videos can be posted that address FAQ or common complaints about the product, and informational how-tos are a cost effective way to show the brand in action. These videos are also a great way to showcase influencers and/or early adopters of your product, many of whom have large Snap followings themselves.

Snapchat users are now watching upwards of 10 billion Snapchat videos per day. Is your brand taking advantage of this audience? Like any social marketing campaign, there’s a right way and a pointless way to go about interacting with consumers on Snapchat. An experienced digital marketing team can help you figure out a plan for your specific niche.


Topics: Social Media, Content Marketing

Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas