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What is "Responsive Website Design" and Why Does it Matter?

08/01/17, 9:12 AM

What is 22Responsive Website Design22 and Why Does it Matter?.jpeg

“Responsive website design.”

It’s a term thrown around a lot nowadays, usually in reference to smartphones or tablets. But what is responsive design, and does your site need it?

(Answer: Yes. Like…yesterday.)

Let’s talk basics. Responsive Design is an approach to web design that builds sites around users’ behavior and environment. What does that mean, in non-techie terms? It means that a website should adjust depending on whether it’s being viewed on an iPhone or a desktop or on a tablet held horizontally. The principles of responsive design utilize properties of size, proportion, layout, and more to create a seamless user experience.

Sites will good responsive design do more than just change size for specific screens, they can actually detect what kind of operating system and/or search engine a visitor is using. This helps you put your best foot forward, optimizing your site at a customer level. It’s all part of your website’s UX/UI.

Does your site need responsive design? Unequivocally, yes. Not only do over half of all web searches now occur on a smartphone, just consider all the different kinds of devices people have. Your Android phone is probably shaped differently from your laptop screen, right? Your website should look just as good on a 14” screen as it does on a handheld device. Need another reason? Responsive design gives your site longevity, keeping you from having to build a whole new version of it every time the latest gadget is released.

Isn’t that nice?

Oh, you need even MORE convincing? Well, how about the fact that in 2015, Google announced that mobile-friendly websites (i.e. those that have responsive design) were going to start being ranked higher in search results. What does that mean for you? Well, if a local competitor has responsive design and you don’t, their website might show up higher than yours when a potential customer is looking for a business like yours. Who wants that?

So, in a nutshell:
What is it? Responsive design is a way of building a website so it looks great no matter how it’s viewed.
Do you need it? Yup.
Why? For a better user experience, to save money long term, and to be ranked higher in Google.

Is your website keeping up? If you think your site could be better or suspect it’s time for a redesign,
give Sync a call. We’re here when you need us.

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