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What Is Google's New Ranking Algorithm "Hummingbird"?

11/06/13, 10:42 AM

Google has yet again changed the way its search engine is going to work from now on, making one of the biggest changes to its search algorithms in more than a decade. This new algorithm is named Hummingbird and it will entirely change the way information is sorted on the search engine in result of the queries made.

As a leader in web design and online marketing, here at Synchronicity Web Designs, we stay on top of current algorithm changes with all search engines. The more we know about how search engines rank and index websites, the more we can help you!

So, let’s take a look at what this new search algorithm is all about:

What is Hummingbird?

It is a search algorithm that Google is now adopting to get better search results for their audiences. Algorithm is a system that is used by this search engine to sift through the billions of web pages that are relevant to a query, and sorting them out to give the user the best results. Currently, the search engine was using a keyword-base driven PageRank algorithm system, which has now become one of the 200 major elements that are a part of the new Hummingbird algorithm.

How Will It Change the Search Activity?

Conversational search is the buzz word that is being used to describe this new search algorithm of Google. While making search queries, people will find it like making conversations where their queries would be connected to each other. If you make a query about a particular landmark, and make the next query referring to the landmark as “it”, the search engine will automatically recognize the element under query from your previous search, making a consequent stream of connected searches.

The search focus will also shift from the keywords in a phrase to understanding the meaning behind the entire phrase. Users entering merely keywords won’t get relevant results until they provide whole phrases that make sense to the search engine that it can process, If you now make a query about “where I can buy winter clothes in New York on a budget”, the search engine wouldn’t display results that have keyword in it but results that match the meaning behind your phrase.

With Hummingbird search algorithm, businesses would now need to focus on a smarter content strategy in order to stay competitive. This means that the companies need to create quality content that understand what the customers want instead of using simple keywords to drive traffic.

In the words of Bill Gates, "Content is King!" and it will always be king in the eyes of the search engines. We can help build your business as an authority online by creating a website that not only looks ascetically pleasing, but also will help convert visitors to leads through remarkable content and marketing. Contact us today for a consultation.

Randy Smith