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What is a Site Narrative and Why Is It Important?

04/27/17, 10:15 AM
Alex Kastanas

What is a Site Narrative and Why Is It Important?.jpeg

Every website tells a story. You may or may not know the professional term for this, “site narrative,” but if you’ve ever used a website to find information, look at pictures, or contact a brand, you’ve experienced this storytelling firsthand.

What is a site narrative?

A narrative is generally an experience or story that presents connected events. Your website “connects” separate “events” for its visitors in many ways: by offering Calls to Action, by scrolling a photo slideshow, or by offering a menu that’s easy to follow.

Your website’s narrative shapes the way your customer sees your brand. It should be clear no matter which page of your site a customer enters on what to click, read, or view; good sites are built with the natural progression of movement in mind.

Why are site narratives so important?

The narrative of your website is the story you tell your customer about your brand. If they have a bad experience (i.e. too confusing, too slow, too visually unappealing) they will come away disliking the narrative you’ve created for them. The opposite holds true as well.

Since so much web traffic is now mobile, the way site narratives are considered has changed. Many of the best, most intuitive websites take advantage of single-page scrolling, putting a lot of information on a single landing page that is long and highly “scrollable.” This is one example of building a narrative that keeps a customer engaged and on-track.

How can you create an excellent site narrative?

Holistic web design services consider your site narrative in a way a stand-alone website builder might not. Particularly if you’re building a business website, understanding the branding concepts behind each narrative decision is critical to retaining visitors and driving leads.

The most important step in constructing a site narrative is building a sitemap. Your sitemap is the foundation of your narrative and dictates the way visitors to the site will navigate from one piece of the “story” to another. Creating a well-designed sitemap takes research, understanding of online behavior, and consideration of content both existing and future. It’s a job for an experienced web design team.

Do you need help wrapping your head around your own site’s narrative? Don’t get bogged down in the details – you don’t need to be Shakespeare to build a site with a great story, you just need to understand your goals.

Synchronicity helps businesses build beautiful websites with strong narrative backbones. Give our team a shout today to find out how an efficiently-designed website can bring you more business.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas