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What is a CMS?

06/29/11, 7:31 AM

A CMS (Content Management System) is a publishing tool that allows you to easily publish content to a web site. These tools can range from simple text edits to more complex management functions such as page creation, site structure, online reservations, e-commerce product management, video archives, and other database-types of functions. The beauty of a CMS is that the publishing tools don't require the user to know any web programming languages, including HTML. The tools are designed to make managing and updating a web site fast and easy.

A few of the advantages of using a CMS in a business application are:

  • site flexibility
  • custom functionality to meet your objectives
  • greater capacity for site growth
  • better consistency
  • greater return on investment (ROI)
  • faster turnaround for important information


A CMS is a wonderful tool for businesses that have the need to manage their own web sites. It's not the solution for all situations, however if you have the time and desire to manage your own web site content, then this may just be the perfect fit for your business.


Randy Smith