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    What Happens When You Align Your Digital Marketing and Sales Efforts

    Posted by Synchronicity on Mar 16, 2017 10:51:00 AM

    What Happens When You Align Your Digital Marketing and Sales Efforts.jpg

    Your digital marketing efforts won’t do much good unless they’re aligned with your sales objectives. In most organizations, digital marketing is meant to develop leads while sales is meant to turn those leads into customers.

    But it doesn’t always work that way.

    In fact, misalignment of your sales and marketing efforts can result in bad leads, botched sales, and an unhappy consumer base. It’s time to face it: You can’t have sales without marketing and vice versa, even if the same person is responsible for both.

    What’s So Great About Alignment?
    For one thing, a cohesive sales and marketing strategy results in a much shorter sales cycle. When you’re marketing well to the right base, sales don’t take as much push-and-pull. Customers are already “warm” when they come through the doors (or call in, or visit your website, etc.) which means they’re farther along in the sales funnel, too.

    Aligning sales and digital marketing also helps you better measure ROI. When return on investment is being calculated on an individual-effort basis, you may be losing sight of the big picture. One study suggested that well-aligned organizations grew more than four times faster than their less-aligned peers – growth that equated to tangible, measurable profit.

    Last but certainly not least, better alignment between the sales and marketing process improves your customer experience. The transition between being “marketed-to” and “sold-to” should be seamless in your customers’ eyes, and you shouldn’t be targeting the wrong customers with your digital marketing message. It wastes money and turns your brand into a nuisance rather than a problem-solver.

    How Can You Align Sales and Marketing?
    It’s a complicated question! The puzzle is different depending on the size of your organization and the scope of your business; a B2B company with distinct sales and marketing teams sees alignment differently than a two-woman company where one co-owner is responsible for bringing in and closing customer deals.

    Software like HubSpot can help take some of the sting out of aligning your marketing and sales efforts, particularly digital marketing. The more measurable your marketing efforts, the easier it is to track them all the way through to sales.

    Also helpful? Cohesive content strategies that consider the entire purchasing funnel, from the initial impression all the way through the “Check Out” box on your website. Technology like customized landing pages, targeted marketing emails, and PPC ads help ensure you’re reaching the right customer when they’re ready to buy.

    Need help sorting out how sales and digital marketing work together? We’ve got you covered. Sync’s team knows how to, well, sync up your digital marketing efforts so they convert into sales.
    Reach out today to find out more.

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