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    What Can Analytical CRM Modeling Tools Discover?

    Posted by Synchronicity on May 8, 2018 9:03:00 AM



    You know you need a CRM. And you keep hearing people talk about “analytics” like it’s a tool you can pick up at the office supply store, but what’s the connection? What can analytical modeling through a CRM do for your business that you can’t do with a couple of spreadsheets and a fresh pot of coffee?


    A lot, as it turns out.

    Your CRM is a Window into Your Audience

    An effective CRM tells you how your audience is interacting with your site. It can provide you endless information about not only who your audience is, but what they find useful about your website, what they don’t, and how they move around once they land there.

    Here’s what most CRMs can tell you (if you know how to look):

    • Who your visitors are. What are the demographics of the people visiting your site? How old are they? Are they men or women? Which state do they live in?
    • How a visitor landed on your site. Did they do a Google search? Click a Facebook ad?
    • What they did once they got to your site. Which pages did they click on? Where did they spend the most time?
    • Whether they performed any on-site searches. Did they look up a specific product or key term?
    • If they downloaded anything. Did they love your free eBook? Were they excited about your infographic?
    • Whether they volunteered their contact info. Do they want you to reach out to them?
    • How valuable the lead is. What was their “lead score?” How likely are they to turn into a sale?
    • If a member of the sales team has reached out to them. Were they contacted? How did that conversation go? Is there follow-up scheduled?
    • If contacted, where the lead stands and what next-steps should be. Where should you go from here?

    You get the picture. A robust, proactive CRM can provide you all the information you’d spend hours aggregating yourself. That’s the beauty of Big Data.

    How Can You Utilize CRM Data?

    Great, so now you’ve got this mountain of data. What do you do with it? You use it to inform your decision-making process, of course!

    The most tangible way to use your CRM data is to apply it to your sales process. If you know that people are filling out your contact form, for example, but don’t end up buying, you’ve got to determine where the real-world breakdown is. Is your sales team not following up? Are they asking the wrong questions? Is your pricing structure off-putting?

    You can also use CRM data to influence your overall digital marketing strategy. This is, in fact, one of the most useful things to do with it. Keyword data is an excellent resource for determining which topics you should be writing about (and posting about, and videoing about) and how. It’s also helpful for determining whether you need any new pages on your site.

    Use Your CRM to Your Advantage

    It’s time to really put your technological resources to work. Sync can help. Reach out today to talk about how you can squeeze more usefulness out of your CRM, or how to implement one if you’re still running off spreadsheets.

    No one wants to be running off spreadsheets.

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