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    Website Traffic Amount vs Quality Website Traffic

    Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 21, 2014 8:12:51 AM

    One of the most common things we hear when designing a website, or starting a internet marketing strategy, is the requirement for goals to be set. We love setting goals -- there is nothing better than the feeling of surpassing a goal that has been set.

    However, one of the first goals a client typically requests is to measure new website traffic. There is nothing wrong with measuring your site traffic now versus what it used to be, however we like to take things a bit further not just with our own goals, but with your goals as a company.

    As website designers and internet marketers, we want the work that we do for you, to make your business successful. We view your own successes as part of our own, and are always excited to see a business take off successfully.

    Today, I am going to discuss the idea of measuring your goals not just by the actual amount of website traffic, but also through quality website traffic and leads.

    The internet marketing funnel is very similar to a business or sales funnel. At the top, your website needs X amount of web visitors to then turn into X amount of qualified website visitors. Some business owners become distracted by overall traffic numbers. More traffic does not however equal more leads. The purpose of gaining traffic to your website should have one goal -- to gain the interest of prospective clients. This is essential to grow your business!

    For example, lets say that Website A receives a 100% increase in website traffic compared to the month prior. They have a total of ten thousand new visits! Its amazing, and the crowd goes wild --- or wait, does it?

    Is this a true measurement of the success of the internet marketing strategy? Lets look at Website B. Website B actually shows a decrease in traffic compared to the month prior. While Website A had ten thousand visits, Website B only had two thousand. Is there a problem here?

    Lets drill down further. If we look through the website visits using Google Analytics, or another traffic analyzation tool, we can easily take apart where the traffic came from, how long they have stayed on the current website, how many pages the visitor looked through and more.

    Website A had ten thousand visitors and it turns out that the majority of them did come from organic, direct and referral sources. However, the visitors on the website only stayed on the page for roughly 30 seconds on average and only looked through 1 - 2 pages. This does not look like a home run any more.

    However, Website B had two thousand visitors. Again, majority came from organic, direct and referral sources. However, these visitors stayed on the website for over 4 minutes on average, browsing through at least 5 - 6 pages. To boot, the organic keywords were very targeted (or geared towards what this company was selling).

    Website B ends the next month closing more deals than Website A, although Website A had more traffic.

    Website traffic amounts are not the way to go when measuring the success of your internet marketing or website results. It is always better to dig deeper into the results and measure quality website traffic.

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