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    Website Content Do's and Don'ts

    Posted by Randy Smith on Jun 6, 2014 3:00:02 AM

    Good content may seem like a no brainer - just write whatever comes to mind! But any successful content writer will tell you there are rules to writing for the web. They aren’t so specific that you end up following a formula, but they help make sure you have excellent content. At Synchronicity Web Designs, we take pride in helping our clients to present great content.

    Here are a few simple rules to follow:

    DO make your content readable - for both the reader and the robots. Search engines, like Google, need to pick up on your content and it can’t do that if you’re waxing poetically about downspout covers when your blog post is about cleaning your gutters. DON'T ramble. There’s nothing worse than having to look up industry specific terms on a blog when all you’re looking for is how to unclog your sink.

    DO sell your company, but DON'T be pushy. No one likes listening to a sales pitch that makes you feel obligated to buy what they’re selling. You don’t have to delete the pitch entirely, but keep it subtle.

    DO create a strong headline. DON'T be misleading. Your headline should clue your reader into exactly what you will be writing about. Posting a recipe and then wasting time writing five paragraphs about the history of said dish is deceptive to the reader. Write what you promised to in the headline.

    DO ask your readers questions. It encourages them (and you!) to engage. Questions relating to the topic you’ve just written about and the opinion of the reader will make your readers feel like their opinion matters (and it should). DON'T ignore them. Answer the questions they leave in the comments. Who knows? Maybe they’ll give you your next post.

    DO be honest. Do you remember that episode of Friends where Joey lies on his résumé about having years of dancing experience when, in actuality, the best he could do was the "sprinkler" dance move we’d all like to forget about? During his audition for a musical, he was asked to teach a group of dancers a special dance combination because he was so “experienced”? Let's just say by the end of the episode, everyone knew he had been caught in a lie. DON'T forget to double check your facts and have them ready if a commenter points out an inconsistency.




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