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Web Design Trends We Can Expect to See in 2016

01/22/16, 11:57 AM
Alex Kastanas

Directional Simplicity

Directional Simplicity is the idea that decision-making can be made easy by only having a couple of choices displayed on your website. By limiting the amount of options to one main goal, or a couple main goals, allows for the user to get less frustrated, choose a path to conversion more quickly and delight themselves by reaching the goal they wanted to rapidly.

ihc-2016Let’s take into consideration the Industrial Hard Carbon site we recently redesigned and launched. It is an awesome example of Directional Simplicity! Although not every company’s goals are as simple as theirs may be, every company’s P2C (path to conversion) can be this simple!

Go through the website’s navigation and try to guess what the primary goal of the Industrial Hard Carbon website is… did you guess ‘receive a request for quote from the user’? Good! Isn’t it pretty obvious? I mean, the entire form is plastered smack dab in the middle if the navigation after you get to the home page, which straight-up tells you to go click on the menu! And just in case you missed that form, there is a top-level page in the navigation labeled “Request For Quote”! You really can’t miss it.

Creating an online path to conversion that is simple and direct is key in creating our world’s web design trends of the future (or at least 2016).

Less Focus on Imagery, More Focus on Typography

As you may notice more and more, great design is based on speaking to the user through actual verbiage and less through imagery. Huge bulging background imagery is becoming less existent, or it’s at least faded into the background, allowing for the user’s focus to be on your site’s message instead of being distracted by feel good graphics that may be perceived differently by every human that visits your website.

You can try and guess what someone needs to do or feel when they get to your site by plastering an image with vague text. OR, you can tell them what to do or feel by having short, concise and directional messaging telling them who you are and what they need to do on your site.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love beautiful graphics and imagery as much as the next person. I also choose to use them appropriately and sparingly, especially when attempting to communicate with a human that may have completely different emotions then me.

major-league-triathlon-smallLet’s take a look at our recently launched Major League Triathlon website. This is a company coming to the table with a fairly unfamiliar objective: have users register for their events and become acquainted with America’s new major league sporting event, Triathlons!

So, what do they do? Right off the bat on their homepage they tell you who they are and then push you to register for their event in Temple, TX. They don’t give you nausea by playing a distracting video in the background, or make you try and find the text over a picture of all the fans they get at their events. They push for reaching a specific demographic that is interested in a family and friends kind of fun with direct messaging, engaging font and tasteful imagery!

The future is in the font. #webdesign2016

Wait, even better: I see font in your future. #webdesign2016

Use them, just credit me. @AlexLeviDaniels

“Objective” Oriented Design (Seamless UX)

Rule one in creating website objectives: make it easy and obvious for the user to achieve/complete them while on your site. Allowing the user to reach their end objectives and yours through a tailored and enjoyable path to conversion is the User Experience side web design.

Web design is to be first and foremost about your users, NOT about you. At the end of the day, IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU LIKE YOUR WEBSITE, as long as your demographic likes it. Your website’s design needs to be about your users completing goals and objectives (which WILL make you happy!).

In closing, design trends for the future include: Directional Simplicity, Typographical Messaging over imagery and Objective Oriented Design.

Use this information or don’t, just don’t make the wrong decision and not use this information.

Make the Right Decision!

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas