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Web Design Trends on the Horizon in 2017

Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 17, 2017 9:06:00 AM

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Like in clothing, food, and architecture, website design trends are constantly changing. At Sync, we think there’s a healthy balance to strike between following the latest online fad and designing timeless websites that won’t be outdated in a year. It’s important we always keep our finger on the pulse of what’s going on in web design.

That said, here’s what we’re seeing as the most prominent trends in web design for 2017.

Mobile-First Design
Not only is mobile-friendly design now a non-negotiable (see our recent post on What Makes a Website Mobile-Friendly?), it’s becoming the first thing designers think about when creating new sites. Since well over half of online traffic now comes from mobile devices, developers aren’t just considering mobile, they’re starting there. Responsive, UX-focused design will be baked into the design of all websites built in 2017 and beyond, as it should be.

Succinct Sites
We’re seeing a huge uptick in sites that eschew dozens of pages of navigable content in favor of several well laid out, highly-scrollable pages of image- and button-heavy design. It’s actually how we’ve been designing sites for a while now. Add to that the “diet” navigation tools are on (i.e. fewer navigable pages within a site) and you’ve got cleaner, easier-to-use websites. What gives? One-page design makes it simpler for users to scroll through on mobile, and it presents a modern, clean visual representation of the brand message.

Animation and Video
As mobile processors become faster and faster, more and more sites are incorporating auto-play videos, animations, and GIFs into the design of their websites. We’re seeing these most often as headers in blog posts or even included in pop-up forms, but we’ve also noticed them coming through in direct email blasts and even in response to contact forms! Know that these features can take a toll on your overall site speed and also tend to date themselves quickly.

Open Space
For decades, traditional marketers have been using “dead space” or “white space” to make a message stand out. That trend has made its way online, and we’re seeing lots of sites utilizing sparse copy on big, blank backgrounds. Sometimes the backgrounds are interesting, too, with color gradients or even a corresponding image, but the focus tends to be on calls to action or a really punchy piece of copy.


And that’s not all we’re seeing. Geometric shapes, pop art-infused design, and micro-interactions (i.e. fun stuff that pops up when you hover over a site) are no longer unique to one specific brand. Remember, redesigning your website can be fun and exciting! It’s also not something you want to do every six months, so always work with a trusted web developer who can guide you towards design that’s as enduring as it is cutting-edge.

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