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How Inbound Marketing Affects Company Growth [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Randy Smith on Mar 17, 2016 9:51:50 AM

Wonder if inbound marketing is the right solution to grow your business?

Well, not only does help drive more qualified traffic to your website to increase your amount of qualified leads, but it also places emphasize on education so you know how to best sell to your leads.

The end result is more customer conversion and additional revenue generated for your business! 

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5 Reasons to Create Infographics for Your Brand

Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 25, 2016 10:18:59 AM

It was not long ago that the trend in web design was to cram as much information as possible on to almost every page of a website. The problem with this tactic is that much of the content on these overloaded pages goes unnoticed and actually overwhelms the reader with unnecessary information. The same concept can also be applied to blogs and other forms of content marketing.

Infographics can provide a happy medium between losing a prospective reader in a lengthy article and boring them with a list of superficial facts or statistics.

There are three golden rules when it comes to infographics. A well-constructed infographic should: make content easy to understand, be visually appealing and be memorable.

Here are five reasons why you and your team should start creating and making use of infographics in your content marketing:

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