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Top 5 factors influencing Google organic rankings

07/30/11, 2:38 PM

We all want to know the secrets behind Google's ranking algorithms. If I knew them all myself, I'd be a very rich man. (at least until they changed them again!). The truth is that no one knows them all aside from the Google folks themselves.

What we do know is that based upon previous experience and application, that certain proven methods tend to help influence rankings more than others. Although this list is subject to change, it appears that in 2011 that the following 5 factors are extremely important to achieving better organic rankings with Google.

Keywords— Keywords, or search terms (these expressions are interchangeable), are the words that are typed into search engines such as Google.

Inbound links—As Google is analyzing its vast database of website's, trying to determine which ones to select as the 10 final, first-page contestants, it puts a high price tag on what’s known in the industry as inbound links. Inbound links are links from other website's that point to your website, which hopefully result in your site gaining Google’s trust.

Trust Rank— Google gives the most Trust Rank to sites that have links from well-linked web pages. (Or, in grade school language: Google gives the most popularity to kids who have lots of popular friends.) The more links your site receives from other trusted website's, the higher its Trust Rank will be, and therefore the higher its likelihood of showing up at the top of the search results. TrustRank is one of the two main factors Google uses to determine which results to show on the first page for a search.

Meta page title—A meta page title, the other main factor used by Google to determine which results to show on the first page for a search, basically is a short description of what your site is about, which people who program websites put into a special area of the website code. It is like the headline of a newspaper. There is a different meta page title for every page on your site, and Google pays special attention to it.

URL— A uniform resource locator (URL) is the same thing as a domain name, or a web address. It’s the http://www.example.com that you type in when you want to visit a website.

Obviously there are many more factors involved with attaining high organic search results. However the above factors seem to presently be the most influential in the land of Google.

Randy Smith