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Tip: Make sure your web pages offer value content

08/17/12, 7:19 AM

Content drives design, and your website content also has a direct effect on achieving strong organic search engine rankings. Just ask Google.

Many people focus on trying to make useless pages look pretty, because they think that style and design is all that really matters. Let's step back a minute and realize that fundamentally a web page exists to provide something that's valuable, useful or interesting to visitors. If your page doesn't have that, then you must fix that problem before you worry about how to present it in a pretty manner. If you throw dirt at a canvas, then even if it's in a gold frame, it's still just a canvas of dirt. What are you offering to your visitors? Why is it worth their time to visit your site? Offer value and solutions, not a sales pitch.

In case you are stuck, we offer professional content creation services from people that understand how to write compelling content that both represents your message accurately as well as provides your site visitors with a sense of value.

Randy Smith