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3 Marketing Automation Myths, Debunked

01/23/18, 9:35 AM



Marketing automation is the secret weapon of successful SMBs everywhere. As a digital marketing tool, it’s inherently versatile, changing and flexing to accommodate new customers, new products, and new markets. As a retention tool, it’s even more important.

Maybe your business hasn’t invested in automation because you believe some of the most common marketing automation myths still stubbornly floating around. Don’t worry, Sync’s Automation Experts© are here to help dispel three of the most pervasive.


Myth #1: Only giant companies with huge technical scope really automate their marketing.

No way! In fact, marketing automation is even more important for small- to medium-sized businesses where employees often wear a lot of hats. Marketing automation doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive, and it doesn’t have to be so complex it’s impossible to use. Remember, the goal of automation is to simplify…if your strategy isn’t doing that, you’ve got the wrong software!

TL/DR: Small- and medium-sized businesses have more to gain and less to lose through marketing automation than big companies.

Myth #2: Marketing automation is cold and impersonal, and customers hate it.

Hardly. Lazy marketing can be those things, but smart marketing automation is anything but. A comprehensive marketing campaign that’s well thought out speaks to your audience whether it’s “automated” or not; automation simply helps you streamline the process. The trick isn’t just to create a barrage of constant content for your audience, it’s to create the kind of content that resonates. Automated or not, the right messaging directed to the right market at the right time is always welcomed.

TL/DR: Behind any successful automation program is a coherent, results-driven marketing strategy.


Myth #3: Email is the only type of marketing you can automate.

Think again! While direct email marketing is by far the most popular way to automate, it’s not the only way. Automation makes perfect sense for all kinds of marketing vehicles, from landing pages to social media, and the more platforms you automate, the more data you’re generating to help inform any future strategic decisions. “Marketing” isn’t a one-and-done activity…it’s an ongoing process that involves dozens of moving parts. Automation is but one of them.

TL/DR: All aspects of lead generation from landing pages to social media engagement are primed for automation.


As with anything in business, your marketing plan needs to be flexible. It’s important that when you automate, you still be ready to adjust your strategy and/or messaging should conditions in the market change. The nimbler your marketing strategy is, the more easily your business can adapt.


Synchronicity and marketing automation go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly. We can’t wait to get started on a marketing plan to better your business.

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