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    3 Email Best Practices for Manufacturers  

    Posted by Synchronicity on Feb 8, 2018 9:19:00 AM

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    You can’t afford to ignore the opportunities presented by email marketing. The manufacturing industry, in particular, has a lot of room to grow when it comes to successful email campaigns. As the industry continues to modernize, so too will the best ways to market within it.

    If you’re a manufacturer getting started with your first email marketing campaign – or even if you’ve been using email pseudo-successfully for years! – here are some best practices to keep in mind specific to your sector.


    1. Consider the purchasing cycle when you time your emails.

    Manufacturing businesses have particularly long sales cycles. In some industries, sales can take months or even years to come to fruition, so it’s critical for manufacturers to stay top-of-mind and present throughout the kind of long-term relationships that lead to predictable, reliable sales. The best way to do this? By continually creating engaging content specific to your audience that they’ll find valuable even if they don’t need anything else from you at the moment.

    Every single email doesn’t have to be a sales pitch. Remember there’s a lot of value in simply maintaining relationships with valued clients while their needs wax and wane. Each email campaign must walk a fine line between being bothersome and just-often-enough; for manufacturers, this is even more important.

    1. Use your marketing emails to solve a problem.

    Unless you’re a global manufacturing juggernaut, your business has probably been becoming more and more niche for years. Use that niche to your advantage. You’ve spent time cultivating an email list of buyers inherently interested in the kind of products and solutions you offer. Use your messaging to remind them again and again how you can improve their business.

    Email is a good way to deepen your customers’ understanding of your business’ value adds. Tell them what problem, specifically, you can solve for them, and be upfront about the content of your email in the subject line. An email touting your company’s new ability to prototype hard-to-find products, for example, solves a problem. Even if only 100 people click on it, those 100 people are already very, very warm leads.

    1. Don’t forget the follow up.

    It’s temping to want to close a sale then move forward; every business does it. For manufacturers, however, big contracts are built around relationships. It’s critically important that your emails continue after the sale has been made. Give your customers an opportunity to give you feedback – the good and the bad! – you can use to make your business better.

    Offering after-the-sale training, technical assistance, or FAQ explainers via email are nice ways to show customers you’re not looking at their purchase as a one-and-done transaction. In manufacturing, this kind of attention to customer service is increasingly rare. Follow up, listen hard, and engage.


    Synchronicity has been building email workflows for manufacturers for as long as we can remember. You know how some people are really good at chess or foreign languages? Well, we’re good at helping manufacturing businesses generate leads online.



    Could your emails be working harder for your manufacturing business? Reach out today to find out.

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