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“Three Cs” of Digital Marketing: Communication, Content, Consistency

02/17/17, 9:42 AM
Alex Kastanas

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Marketing is not an exact science. And despite all the analytics and charts and click-through-rates that tell you otherwise, digital marketing is no exception. Using the web to effectively market to a targeted audience is a learned skill with just as many nuances and gray areas as any other marketing discipline.

At Sync, we like to say that there are “three Cs” involved in digital marketing done well. They are, in no particular order: Communication, Content, and Consistency. Without all three, the whole thing falls apart. Here’s what they mean and more importantly, what they mean for you.

The best way to think about digital marketing is this: It’s less about marketing to your target audience, and more about having a conversation with them. Communication is, after all, a two-way street. The reason digital feels so new and exciting is because it has opened a direct line between businesses and consumers. It’s raw, it’s authentic, and it has the ability to transform business relationships on an individual level. How many other forms of marketing can say that? Your digital marketing plan should focus on communicating with your audience. Listening to their wants and needs, addressing them (yes, even their complaints), and having open dialogue about what’s going on now and in the future at your company. Customers appreciate the inside look and in turn, trust your brand more.

One of the best ways to build on that trust with your audience is to provide them with something useful. What does that mean in an online world? In a nutshell, it’s information. Digital marketing provides dozens of platforms to relay useful content to your audience. It can be as simple as a well-timed coupon, or as complicated as an industry white paper. It can be an e-book about a subject they’re curious about, or a paid ad that appears with exactly the information they’re searching for at exactly the right time. Content isn’t one-size fits all; it’s videos, blog posts, web pages, newsletters, and more. Knowing how and what your customers want from you is half the battle. Providing it is the other half.

Although many businesses understand the basics of a successful digital marketing plan, things fall apart when it comes to consistency. Your customers will never learn to trust your brand if they can’t count on you to show up. Digital consistency manifests in a variety of ways but at the end of the day, your audience needs to know your website will work, their messages will reach you, and that you’ll respond. If you’ve built a reputation providing excellent content specific to your audience, they’ll count on that too. Consistency is key for maintaining top-of-mindedness for your brand and for competing in an increasingly crowded online marketplace.


Do you fully understand how the Three Cs apply to your business? We know, it can feel complicated. Synchronicity’s team of expert digital marketers have the experience and the tools you need to get the job done right.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas