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5 Things Every Manufacturing Website Should Have

Posted by Synchronicity on Aug 4, 2017, 9:18:00 AM

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Manufacturing websites can be complex.

They’re often required to relay a lot of information to several different audiences at once, and sometimes it all gets lost in the fold. Here at Synchronicity, we specialize in designing modern manufacturing websites, and we’ve learned a thing or two about what really works. Here are five things every manufacturing website needs, regardless of industry.

  1. Clean Design
    Design can be the first thing that falls to the wayside for manufacturing sites. After all, manufacturers typically aren’t designers – they’re more like engineers! They don’t get excited about colors and photo resolution, but that’s not their job. Great web designers know that the best modern websites are simple, clean, and beautiful, no matter the subject.

  2. Strong Messaging
    Every website tells a story. Manufacturing sites need to be clear and very upfront – the typical audience for a manufacturing site isn’t going to stick around to read tons of flowery copy! Your company’s positioning should be obvious from the first click; strong headers, punctuated text, and graphics are all great ways to convey your site narrative simply.

  3. Easy Navigation
    Functional websites don’t need to be complicated. In fact, you don’t want people to get lost trying to get around your site. Visitors should be able to find what they’re looking for quickly and easily – a strong sitemap (i.e. outline for the site) lays the foundation. Manufacturers should take extra care to develop a smart, intuitive header menu for visitors to use.

  4. Human Connection
    Manufacturing websites can feel cold and impersonal. Good website design can fix that. Not only are the fonts, the colors, and the photos you choose for your site important for humanizing your business, so is the story you tell. For many manufacturers, what sets their business apart is their people. If you have uniquely qualified, incredibly knowledgeable staff, your site should highlight them! Likewise, if you’ve got tons of real-life examples of your work to show off? Your website is the perfect platform.

  5. Call to Action
    Your site should give visitors very clear instructions on what to do next. Do you want visitors to CALL your office to talk to a sales rep? Should they EMAIL you so you can figure out which department they need? Should they BUY directly on your online ecommerce platform? Creating compelling, directional calls to action should be the number one goal of any business website, and manufacturing sites are no exception. Your site doesn’t just exist to provide information, it’s also meant to drive visitors down the path to conversion.

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