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The Worst Advice We've Ever Heard About Social Media

03/15/18, 9:11 AM



Everyone has an opinion on social media. Whether your business has been hammering out Tumblr posts for years or if you’re scratching your head right now going, “What’s a ‘Tumblr?!” there are a few pieces of social media advice you should never, ever heed.

The social experts at Sync have heard some real whoppers regarding the best way to run a business’ social media strategy. Here are some of the worst.


“Social media? Just let the intern do it. He’s on his phone all day, anyway.”

If you treat social media like an afterthought, it will be an afterthought. Just because someone has a Facebook account doesn’t mean they’re qualified to run the social media strategy for your business. Social media is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to your overall digital marketing plan and you should no more trust it to an unexperienced intern than you should ask that intern to run your board meetings.


“You need to be on every single social network. Customers expect to find you everywhere!”

This simply isn’t true. There are literally hundreds of popular social media sites and it’s impossible for your business to effectively represent itself on even a dozen of them. Rule-of-thumb dictates it’s better for your business to pick 2-4 social media sites to actively engage on and really outshine your competition there. Spread yourself too thin and you’re only diluting your brand.


“The point of being on social media is to sell your product.”

A client once told us that Facebook sometimes feels like a bunch of billboards yelling at each other and we think that’s apt. Don’t be one of those billboards. Treat social like the conversation starter it is, not the end-point of your conversion funnel. Yes, you can promote your business, but you need to have a good mix of promotional, educational, informational, and just plain entertaining content.


“Ignore the social media haters. They’re not worth your energy.”

This is literally the opposite of how you should be using social media! Feedback is good. It’s how your brand grows and becomes better. Don’t chalk every negative comment up to “haters”…answer them thoughtfully! Social is about engaging with your customers, both satisfied and unsatisfied, and brands who authentically handle criticism online are always more respected for it.


Does your business need a better social strategy? If what you’re doing isn’t working or, worse, if it’s actively syphoning time away from an already overworked team, call Sync.

We can handle your social media, your content creation, and your entire digital marketing strategy. We’ve been building businesses’ brands online for decades…how can we help you succeed on the web?


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