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    Work. Play. Dream. The Synchronicity Commercial

    Posted by Randy Smith on Nov 25, 2014 7:37:00 AM

    Nostalgia is a sentimentality for the past, typically for a period or place with happy personal associations.

    The essence of our new branding campaign is based in one part nostalgia and the other part life imitating art.

    "When I was boy, my favorite super hero was Superman. My friends and I used to choose a hero to emulate and fight off the darkness of the world, at least the darkness we could imagine in our 10 year old minds" said Synchronicity principal, Randy Smith. "We would steal long towels from my mother's closet and use clothes pins to attach them to our tee shirts. Occasionally, we would have an unplanned episode whereby Superman was pinched in the neck by an unruly pin. That hurt."

    In 2013, Randy created the basic idea for a new branding campaign, which included a new logo design, as well as a new website for Synchronicity. Using a color palette consisting of black, white and red in both imagery, as well as page elements, Synchronicity headed down the path of rebranding.

    When Synchronicity hired Paul Mullen as Marketing Coordinator, the wheels were set in motion to expand upon the original concepts. After continually hearing the love from our clients for the "boy with the cape" and Randy's dog, Brady, Paul devised a marketing plan around them and Sync Boy was born.

    Where might you spot our new super hero friend? How about at the Hornets game? Or Sync Boy in front of the Charlotte skyline. Sync Boy hanging out in the office everyday. Flat Stanley in a cape and the Synchronicity logo on his shirt.

    It wasn't long before the team decided - what if we made Sync Boy real? Sync Boy running in a field, wearing a cape with Brady at his side?

    We are excited to share the results our that vision:



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