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The State of the Internet: Staying Informed

10/15/11, 5:22 AM

We live in an world basking in amazing technology that changes daily. From faster connections to new mobile applications, it's no wonder that it's not difficult to miss something.

In order to stay informed, we actually set aside multiple time slots per week designated as "continuing education". Even though we spend an average of 8-12 hours online per day , we as a company need to surround ourselves with as many tools possible to help us understand and educate our clients on new technology and marketing solutions that can assist them to successfully reach their online goals.

One web page provided by OnlineSchools.org can help you also to understand just how the quickly the Internet changes with regard to user habits, technology, and trends.

Did you know...

  • The Internet is considered so important that access is a legal right in countries like Finland, Spain and Estonia.
  • Countries like Egypt and Turkmenistan on the contrary are Internet black-holes, as they are censoring it at a pervasive or substantial level. In terms of quality, all networks are not created equal
  • Because of ever cheaper devices, the ability to access the Internet via cellphone networks and increasing broadband reach, the actual number of people online won't plateau for decades.
  • There are more searches for Justin Bieber than Jesus.

Did you know that your Facebook profile is worth $91?

We understand that most people are not going to make regular visits to these types of web sites to keep up. Nor are you likely to spend time weekly to educate yourself on the latest social networking app.

However, we will. It's our job to keep our clients informed of what's new and what can help them to meet their online goals.

Randy Smith