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    The Most Common Marketing Challenges Companies Face & How to Fix Them

    Posted by Randy Smith on Nov 16, 2015 1:52:41 PM

    Marketing is a living, breathing, ever-changing process and it wouldn’t be natural if companies and businesses alike didn’t experience challenges.

    Read on to learn some of the most common marketing challenges faced, and to learn solutions to fix them and better your business!


    Challenge #1: Showing the ROI from Your Marketing Tactics



    According to the 2018 State of Inbound report, showing return on investment from marketing is the biggest challenge for businesses and companies. And if you’re experiencing this problem, it’s probably in one of these two scenarios:


    1. You are not implementing any digital marketing tactics because you have no clue how to track any of your activities to see if they’re working, and you can’t spend budget or time on efforts where you can’t measure ROI.
    2. You are implementing a digital marketing strategy, but you don’t know how or what metrics to aggregate and analyze to show growth. You are then faced with arguments coming from upper management on why you’re spending ‘X’ amount of company dollars on a strategy you can’t provide results on.

    Regardless of which of these two scenarios you fit into, this is a marketing challenge that can be resolved.


    the-data-you-should-and-shouldnt-be-measuring-for-company-growth-free-workbook-synchronicity-web-designs-2015The Solution

    By implementing a marketing optimization and automation tool and connecting it to your CRM, you can align your marketing and sales. Tools like these allow you to aggregate your lead and customer count monthly and their sourcing. This means you can see where both your leads and customers came from (organic traffic, paid ads, social media, etc.), what pages on your website they viewed, what content they read or downloaded, and how/when they converted (online form or phone call).

    You can then use this data to figure out your cost per lead and cost per customer, which allows you to see an exact return on investment from your digital marketing. And you can also look for trends to better your marketing efforts.


    Download the FREE workbook The Data You Should (and Shouldn’t) be Measuring for Company Growth to learn more about how you can see ROI from your marketing tactics!


    Challenge #2: Creating and Managing Your Website


    Your brand’s website should be high on your list of priorities as it’s a tool working 24/7 to draw in qualified traffic, convert those visitors into leads and then help you reach your sales goals.

    Well, creating and managing a brand website is another huge challenge faced, especially by small businesses. It takes a lot of time to research who your website’s target users are and the actions they would take on your website, to design and develop the page templates, to write and optimize the website’s content, and to maintain any security fixes or bugs that could appear in the future.

    There are two possible solutions you have to this challenge.


    The Solution

    The first option is to hire a new employee who holds the robust skillset to manage the whole website design and development process, who can also manage hosting and website maintenance in the future (good luck finding that unicorn!).


    web-design-charlotte-synchronicity-web-designs-and-digital-marketing-2015If this is the option you move in, you’re more likely to have to hire several key people if you don’t have them in house: a website designer, a developer/programmer and a copywriter.


    The second option is to outsource your website design and maintenance to a marketing or web design agency. By moving in this direction, you pay a one-time fee for the agency partner to create your brand’s new website and then a monthly maintenance fee for any quick fixes needed.

    By going in this direction, you have a team of experienced designers, writers, developers, and programmers at your right hand to help you utilize your website as a selling tool.


    Challenge #3: Training Your Team to Manage Your Marketing


    Marketing is a living, breathing, ever-changing process that requires fast learning, strong analysis, the ability to hit hard deadlines, and being proactive. Many companies and businesses struggle with hiring the right people and then training these people to understand the tools, concepts and strategies they’ll be working within daily to help grow the business.

    To combat this challenge, managers need to be fully aware of their brand’s marketing goals and the qualities they would find in their ideal employee. They then have two solutions to choose between.



    The Solution

    If you’re building out your marketing department and are trying to find people who are the right fit, take a moment to assess the team members you already have. What are each of their strengths and weaknesses? What are their levels of expertise? How passionate are they about learning and what they do?


    You’re going to want to hire new teammates that share their same passion and expertise. And you’re going to want to find people who fill in the holes where you have weaknesses.


    Your other option is to outsource your marketing to an agency partner. So rather than taking time to search for qualified candidates who might fit the bill of your company’s needs, you can seek out an agency who has already completed that hard work for you.


    Marketing agencies build their businesses on expertise, learning, timeliness, strategy, and analysis. Hiring an agency to work for your business hourly or based on meeting set goals, and that’s cheaper than hiring several new employees most times.


    Is Your Company Struggling with Any of These Marketing Challenges?

    Is your brand struggling with any of the marketing challenges listed above? You’re not in this alone and Synchronicity can help!


    Boasting a team of expert digital marketers, UX designers, web designers, developers, and programmers, we can help identity where you’re experiencing challenges as a business and then help create customized solutions to those problems.


    Learn more about our team, our customized marketing and web design solutions, and how we can help your brand reach its sales goals by giving us a call at 704-545-2868.

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