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    Why High-Quality, High-Resolution Imagery Matters on Your Website

    Posted by Synchronicity on Jun 14, 2018 9:02:00 AM



    The imagery on your website is of utmost importance. High-quality images speak volumes about your brand. They’re important SEO signals. They vastly improve the user experience for your visitors.

    When it comes time to build a new website, the images you select are one of the most critical components. Let’s talk about why they matter so much and how you can be sure yours are up to par.

    Images for UX
    Today’s web users expect a seamless, aesthetically pleasing user experience (UX). Photos are an integral part of that experience. Clear, crisp photos instantly make a website feel more professional. They’re easy to understand and they can lend a lot of credibility to your brand. The better your images are, the more time people will (generally) spend on your website; a lower bounce rate means more opportunity to convert visitors into actual prospects. Increased engagement is fostered through high-resolution photography.

    Images for SEO
    When it comes to images, remember in addition to quality and resolution, SEO value matters, too. Website images can (and should be!) optimized for search engines so they act as ranking signals for your website. They can be hugely valuable for getting your business found online.

    Compression makes for faster load times. Are your images in the right format? JPEG quality images look clean and high-res but they load far faster for visitors than other comparable file types.

    Alt text and title tags signal search engines. These elements are crawled by bots and treated by engines as keywords. By telling search engines what your site (and images) mean, you’ll ultimately end up in front of better prospects.

    Use correct file names. File names are also signals to search engines, so don’t waste yours on images called “DND279586086.” Every image file name should reflect the content of the image itself.

    Add Images, Improve Your Website
    Sites with a lot of high-quality images always feel more well-rounded. Images are an excellent way to break up copy, to create design, and to show off your products or services! The old saying is true except online, an image is worth 10,000 words.

    What should you avoid when it comes time to choose images for your website? Anything that’s fuzzy, blurry, or otherwise not “sharp” is a dead giveaway of amateurism. Most photos taken with a smartphone fall into this category. Also avoid pictures that are too far away or too close up – they can be hard to identify – and never include pictures that have off-coloring or bad lighting.

    The most important consideration when choosing images is consistency; your site’s imagery should be consistent in tone, coloring, and resolution from page to page. In a lot of cases, paying a professional photographer to snap some new, web-ready pictures easily offsets the time your team would otherwise spend cobbling together a list of usable pics.


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