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The Importance of Having a LinkedIn Presence For Your Company

12/26/16, 10:09 AM
Alex Kastanas

The Importance of Having a LinkedIn Presence For Your Company.jpg

A LinkedIn profile for your business is no longer a nice-to-have, it’s a necessity. Your business needs to be on LinkedIn, but why?

Over 57% of companies already have a LinkedIn company page. That means if you don’t, you’re behind! Customers – whether you’re a B2C or B2B business – look to LinkedIn to validate your business and find out the backstory of your brand. Since LinkedIn’s platform only allows businesses to post in a specific template, visitors are able to easily find what they’re looking for and even reach out to you directly.

Not only is LinkedIn critical for brand visibility, it’s also useful for engaging with your clients. Did you know that LinkedIn is consistently ranked by B2B companies as their #1 platform for successfully launching a product or service? The same group consistently says the platform is their top resource for engaging with clients and potential clients. LinkedIn is also incredibly good at conversion, surprisingly. Statistics say lead conversion on LinkedIn surpasses other social sites, driving significant sales for some industries.

LinkedIn presents a great community for establishing thought leadership, too. It can be a key channel for distributing your business’ original content, from blog posts to white papers to relevant industry statistics. And contrary to some other social networks (looking at you, Facebook!), LinkedIn doesn’t filter its feed, meaning everyone your business is connected with has the potential to see your content. One of the most important parts of any successful digital marketing campaign is positioning your brand as an industry expert, and LinkedIn makes the perfect soapbox.

Did you know that having a composed, holistic LinkedIn presence can actually boost your business’ search rankings? There’s some evidence to suggest that properly optimized LinkedIn business accounts actually improve Google rankings; including keywords, descriptive wording, and links to your company website in your profile help, too.

Lastly, if your business is looking to recruit new employees, you can’t find a better resource than LinkedIn! For small- and medium-sized business, especially those too small for an in-house HR person, LinkedIn presents a free (or inexpensive) way to recruit great talent.

Convinced yet?

Your business’ LinkedIn presence should be but a part of a whole. A comprehensive digital marketing plan includes everything from social media to paid ads and more. Is your digital marketing agency doing enough?

If you’re not sure the answer is “yes,” call Sync’s team to find out how we can help.

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas