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The Four Elements That Turn Your Website into a Lean, Mean, Lead Conversion Machine

01/15/19, 11:48 AM


If you're just now creating or redesigning a website for your business, do you understand what it takes to turn it into a hub of visitor conversions? What good is it to launch a beautiful new website with little to no optimization efforts?

We like to use this car analogy:

Launching a new website with no marketing behind it is like building a brand new shiny car and forgetting to put the motor in it. It’s costly, time constraining and useless.

Nevertheless, it's never too late to optimize your website to start generating conversions and should become a top priority for you in 2019. Take a look at these four elements that will help get you on the right path.


1. Optimize for Mobile Users


Along with creating compelling content, optimizing your website for mobile should be a number one priority now more than ever. This is one of the most important aspects to creating more website conversions as the majority of internet users come from mobile devices.

The first step toward this is to optimize your site for mobile screens. You may need help with a web designer to implement responsive design. Most websites conform to mobile screens using this process, though not all mobile devices are alike.

In the age of multiple mobile operating systems and shapes, it helps to test the mobile version of your site so you know it'll fit everything from smartphones to tablets. You can do that using sources like Google's test tool for mobile-friendliness.

Remember, most people want to find information fast when on a mobile device. Making it easy for a visitor to navigate your site should become top of mind. When you provide what your visitors want in a fast, efficient way, your conversions will go up exponentially.


2. Using Monitoring and Analytics


We'll soon get to content, but monitoring and analytics has also moved up next to mobile-friendliness in bringing more successful conversion metrics.

The reasons behind this are simple: You need an all-seeing eye to see what's occurring on your website. Many visitors are doing things you're not aware of that require deeper dives to learn the reasoning behind these behaviors.

Utilizing strong analytic tools allows you to discover the kind of content your audience consumes, how long they interact with this content, how many are opting in, and what your bounce rates are to name a few.


3. Use More Visual Content


It is no surprise that visual content produces more conversions than text content. You can see why this is a reality now in a more visual culture. It'll continue being this way into the coming decade.

With more visual content, you fully engage your visitors to a point where they feel more compelled to take action. Whether it's using videos (the most common visual method), infographics, or animations, your business will only benefit from using these content types.

Many B2B businesses still suffer from the problem of thinking their products are too boring. If you sell industrial products, it's still possible to create visual entertainment that captures the full attention of a visitor.

You can approach this through customer testimonials and how your products solved many of their business problems. Or, you can give a background on your company and how your products help solve problems on a larger scale.

When you create videos, be sure to make them short so you keep the attention spans of mobile users. In the B2B world, short how-to videos do very well in keeping people interested. For a business learning about your products this way, it will facilitate their buying decision process.


4. Don't Make a Conversion Complicated

Adding simplicity to the conversion process can also extend to the elements mentioned above. To convert your audience quickly, be sure to make their online experience as simple as possible to avoid confusion for first time visitors.

Less is more: many websites stuff their pages with too much jargon that causes visitors to become overwhelmed by the overload of information.

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