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    The Foolproof Guide to Email Marketing: Nurturing & Closing More Leads

    Posted by Randy Smith on Jan 15, 2016 2:31:41 PM

    HNCK1218Marketing tactics and trends are constantly changing, but there is one that remains constant – email marketing. Now, that is not to say that best practices for email marketing haven’t changed… they have! It simply means that email in itself isn’t going anywhere.

    Consumers are increasingly becoming more familiar and comfortable with email. In fact, research from Experian states that $1 invested in email marketing results in roughly $44.25 return for brands. With a ratio like that, it’s no surprise email marketing spend grows 10 percent year over year, according to Forester.

    Want more awe-inspiring email marketing stats? Look no further!

    So the question is how can you utilize email marketing to bask in its results?

    Great question! Read on to learn how you can use email marketing to nurture leads to close more sales for your business this year!

    Understand that Your Leads Hold Different “Quality Scores”

    Before you can implement lead nurturing to close more sales via email marketing, you must first understand that not every lead is the same.

    demographics-graphicSure, we would classify someone who fills out a form on our website, someone who downloads our eBook and someone who attends our online webinar all leads. However, these leads all have different “quality scores,” meaning someone who fills out a form on our website is probably at a different stage in the buying cycle than someone who submits their information to receive an eBook.

    The person who downloads the eBook might be solely interested in its contents and may or may not have any interest in your product or service as of yet. This is where email marketing comes into play; it’s the job of lead nurturing campaigns to take that individual’s slight curiosity and evolve it into full blown product interest.

    Implement Lead Nurturing with Marketing Automation

    The most efficient and scalable way to implement lead nurturing campaigns are through marketing automation software. This allows marketers to build out email marketing “workflows,” which are collections of emails delivered over a campaign period to a specific type of buyer or to groups of people with distinct interests.

    Conversion Funnel

    For example, if you’re in the manufacturing industry and you’re selling parts for machinery, you might build out workflows for specific buyer personas such as distributors, maintenance managers, purchasers, and end users. You might also build out tracks based on topics such as system maintenance, energy efficiency or placing parts.

    Through marketing automation software, you’re able to create and schedule each email in the workflow in advance so you can work efficiently and craft cohesive messaging that will be valuable to your audience. Once your workflows have been developed, your leads can be placed into the workflow manually or based on behavior triggers.

    By keeping communication consistent and by sending unique, relevant content, you’ll be able to develop credibility with your leads and keep your brand top-of-mind for when your leads are ready to find solutions.

    Email Optimization Best Practices

    Death_to_the_Stock_PhotoWhile you’re developing your workflows, it’s important to keep in mind that each email should be geared toward moving a lead deeper in the sales funnel. Follow the tips below to ensure your emails are optimized for lead nurturing.

    • The Subject Line: The subject line of an email determines whether or not your lead will even open it, so spend time ensuring it’s perfect. Shoot for subject lines that clearly address your leads’ business problems, personalize subject lines, or include actionable items such as “download our eBook.”
    • Short and Sweet: Think about how many emails you receive daily; your leads probably receive that amount as well. Keep your emails concise and engaging to stand apart from the crowd.
    • Imagery: Did you know the brain comprehends images 60,000 times faster than copy? Use images that reinforce your text so you can deliver your message faster.
    • Call-to-Actions: In order to effectively move your leads to the next step of the sales funnel, you need to educate them on your product or service. Provide them with easy next steps to get the content they need to become educated; for example, “Register for an Upcoming Webinar!”

    What NOT To Do in Email Marketing

    The days of buying massive email lists, loading them into your CRM or marketing automation software, and then sending unsolicited emails are over! With CAN-SPAM and other advances in email filtering present, unsolicited email will get your ISP blocked and will prohibit you from sending any email at all.

    It’s important all emails you send come from leads opting in via online forms.

    Need Help Creating a Lead Nurturing Strategy?

    sync-circle-logo-2014Are you ready to implement one of the most effective means of moving leads efficiently through the sales funnel in your marketing strategy? Synchronicity can help!

    Our team of inbound marketing specialists can help you identify your target buyer personas, create lead capturing content and then implement strategic lead nurturing campaigns that will help you deliver more qualified leads to your sales team.

    Learn how you can get started today by calling 866-397-7962 to speak to a Synchronicity Account Manager or learn more about our digital marketing services online!

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