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The Big Myth about eCommerce for Industrial Businesses

11/16/17, 9:07 AM



Industrial businesses don’t do eCommerce. Right?

Well, not exactly. The term “eCommerce,” shorthand for “electronic commerce,” may not mean exactly what you think it does. When we ask you to think of an eCommerce website, what do you think of?


Okay, maybe we made that last one up. Point is, you probably imagine a website where you buy or order a product directly. And you’re right! That is one facet of eCommerce. It’s just not the only one, and it’s certainly not the most applicable for industrial businesses.

Industrial businesses and e-commerce websites are not mutually exclusive.
In fact, some of the best-converting industrial sites we’ve designed
are actually eCommerce websites at heart. Let’s dig in.

To be an eCommerce site, all that’s really required is conversion. In some cases, eCommerce sites convert customers directly into sales…see: Amazon.com. In other cases, visitors are simply being converted into highly qualified leads, like if they fill out a form on your website for a sample order, for example.

This is a great gray area for industrial businesses to take advantage of. Most industrial products and services are obviously less-than-suitable for “off the rack” purchasing. Some businesses can and do sell their industrial products directly online via an eCommerce platform. Most industrial businesses are better off providing as much detailed information as possible in “product” or “service” listings on their site, then converting that lead into a sale on the phone or in person.

How might this work?

Take, for example, an industrial chemical supplier. They can’t legally allow John Doe to order batches of commercial chemicals with just a few clicks. What they might do instead is to set up an eCommerce site that is searchable by product, amount, and availability. Once the behind-the-scenes algorithms check inventory and provide to-the-minute pricing, the customer knows exactly what he’s buying. All he has to do now is enter in his “order” and a service rep reaches back out to check his credentials and complete the transaction.

Get it?

eCommerce websites for industrial companies are a great time-saver. They make your operation look more robust, and they remove some of the natural hesitation web visitors have when they realize they can’t “order” online. The more information a visitor gives you about what they’re looking for and when they need it, the more qualified a lead they become. Capture that information, move that lead farther and farther down the purchasing funnel, then convert.

Simple enough. Right? Right?

Need help turning your industrial website into an e-commerce lead generator? We’re here for you. Give Sync a shout today to get started.




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