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    The Anatomy of a Call to Action

    Posted by Synchronicity on Feb 5, 2018 9:32:00 AM



    Your marketing message’s Call to Action is its single most critical component. Without a functional CTA, customers don’t know what to do. The wrong CTA can get them lost, confused, or leave them more questions than they started with.

    That’s not what you want.

    The team at Sync eats, sleeps, and breathes Calls to Action. They’re the cornerstone of every piece of digital content we put out, and we know that CTAs, specifically, are what move consumers through the purchasing funnel.

    Let’s talk about the anatomy of a successful Call to Action.


    First, what is a CTA?
    A Call to Action is a specific website element that encourages your consumer to take an action such as calling in, ordering now, or downloading that new eBook you wrote. Most CTAs are literal buttons that link through to something else, but CTAs can technically include everything from video to images and more.


    The Elements of a Good Call to Action
    Any successful Call to Action is built with the following elements in mind:

    Reason – Your customer needs a compelling reason to click on your CTA.  Build your case using the content surrounding the CTA, but don’t forget to include it within the button itself, too.
    Ex: “Need a better solution for data processing?”

    Headline – If a CTA can’t grab attention, it can’t work. Like any good piece of content, a CTA headline should be concise and to the point, and it should never, ever bait-and-switch.
    Ex: “Click Now for Your Free Download!”

    Prompt – CTAs should prompt customers using action verbs. Avoid the passive voice and focus on energizing, inspiring words that encourage immediate action by the consumer.
    Ex: “Chat with a Team Member Right Now”

    Design – The color, shape, size, imagery, and font matter for CTAs. A too-small CTA tucked into the bottom of the page can’t get the attention it deserves!
    Ex: Bright, cleanly-designed buttons without too many words

    If your Calls to Action aren’t working, one (or more) of their elements are likely off. And remember that the best Call to Action in the world won’t inspire much movement on the backend if the content surrounding it isn’t worthwhile…or, worse, if no one’s even reading it in the first place.


    Great CTAs need the support of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. Without the backbone of long-term SEO, continuous content, and pointed buyer personas, CTAs are just a shot in the dark. Don’t put the impetus on your customers to act; give them so much incentive they can’t afford not to click through.


    Need help creating more compelling CTAs? Sync has your back. Reach out to our team of digital marketing ninjas right now to talk buttons.

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