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Tech Trends of 2016: Q3 Recap

09/15/16, 11:53 AM
Alex Kastanas

2016 has already been a banner year for new technology, and thankfully, the year we said goodbye to a few old products (we’re looking at you, Google Glass). As 2016’s Q3 comes to a close, Sync’s team is taking a look back at what made a splash over the last couple of months.

Check it out:

Next Gen Digital Assistants

Digital assistants have become as ubiquitous as smartphones themselves. The original, Siri, is still alive and kicking on iOS but this quarter there’s been a lot of excitement about the development behind the Alexa, Amazon’s shopping bot. Not only can Alexa answer your questions, she can order you more dog food while you lounge in bed. And who else but Facebook is prepping “M,” their first foray into digital assisting, and they’re banking on a hybrid human/AI component. Hal 2000, these assistants are not. (Yet.)

Live Streaming

Live-streaming isn’t all that new, but the number of large, trusted platforms supporting the functionality is. Facebook’s Live function has been at the crux of several issues of national importance of late, but where businesses are taking note is within apps that offer marketability. Twitch and Periscope are pushing the idea of the second-screen beyond previous iterations, and even social streaming (consider Snapchat, the social darling of the moment) is providing new ways for marketers to get in front of the hard-to-capture mobile millennial.

Artificial Intelligence in Action

For years, it seems, all the great tech minds have been talking about how AI is going to change everything. Well, it’s time to pay the piper. Artificial intelligence is now being actively engaged to solve complex, moving-part dilemmas in an array of industries. Financial firms and municipalities alike are investing in the super-secret AI software-learning platform Palantir, and even Google is now learning to update itself through the parsing of millions of user inputs per minute. AI is changing the way Big Data is able to be utilized, and it seems, for once, like all the pieces are coming together.

There’s nothing we love more at the Synchronicity offices than to sit around talking tech. That is, when we’re not scrolling through our phones reading about tech while furiously sipping coffee. Such is the life!

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas