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Understanding Information Architecture

06/28/11, 6:04 AM

You may have heard the term before and wondered what on earth it has to do with building a website. Simply said, information architecture boils down to the process of consciously organizing the content and flow of a website, based on some principles that can be articulated, that have been derived through evidence gathering.

Think of it as the process of designing a blueprint, that when applied, offers your website visitors a satisfying user experience. Good architecture is achieved through research, information gathering, content organization, product awareness, and a good understanding of your target audience. And don't forget the common sense factor. Think like your audience. Roll up your sleeves and work the planning process, and the correct architecture solution will arrive.

So when you think of web design and development, know that it's much more than slapping a few images on a page, choosing some pretty colors, and knowing HTML. It's the process of building and implementing a user experience for your site visitors that often works subconsciously, however results in successfully meeting the original goals and objectives of your website.

Randy Smith