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Sync Web Design Roundup 2017

12/19/17, 9:50 AM


Phew, 2017 was a year, right? We’re close to ringing in 2018 with a bang which means it’s time to round up the year in web design. We think it’s important to keep an ear to the ground so we know where design is headed…and what’s already jumped the shark.

Let’s find out what was what when it came to designing websites in 2017.


Trending: Video Homepage

High-def homepage photos are so 2016. We’re kidding, but we’re also noticing a huge uptick in websites that utilize eye-catching auto-load videos right on their homepage. The design element works best when there’s no sound and the video isn’t so busy that it distracts from the messaging on the page.


Trending: Visual Data

Data isn’t inherently pretty. This year, web designers used inventive strategies and endless creativity to show off data in new, visually-pleasing ways. What does this look like? It can be an animated pie chart, an interactive timeline, or even real-life photography, but it reads far more interesting than plain numbers.


Trending: Open Composition

What’s that? Well, for most of its history, web design was pretty symmetrical. The confines of the page made for natural boundaries…design followed. Today’s design is more fluid. Suspended elements (think: transparent content bubbles hovering on the right side of the page) are elevating design. Subverting the expected is always the name of the game when it comes to keeping web users’ attention.


Trending: Hamburger Nav

For years and years, the navigation bar on most websites simply spanned the top of each page horizontally. In 2017, forward-thinking developers turned to “hamburger navigation” to clean up the lines of the page. By stacking the navigation buttons inside a discreet row of lines, both mobile and desktop versions of webpages look more streamlined.


Trending: Rich Fonts

What’s a “rich” font? It is typography chosen specifically for its visual impact. Contrasting typographies add visual interest to a page…think sans serif fonts mixed with serifs. Text is being broken up into visual chunks, first-letters being separated, and type is being monospaced. It’s a bold new world for words.

Design’s relevance to the user experience of a website cannot be overlooked. At Sync, we specialize in marrying good design with good UX. If you’re a business, having the most beautiful website in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t translate into sales.

Is your design tired?
Is it scaring away customers?
Does it look just as good on a mobile phone as it does on a laptop?


If your business needs help designing a modern, easy-to-navigate website, call Synchronicity. We know what’s trending in web design and what it takes for your site to stand out.

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