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Social Media Trends to Expect in 2017

01/03/17, 10:06 AM
Alex Kastanas

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Between the Snapfish and the Facegrams and the Twitterz, it’s hard to keep up with social media these days! Great news. You don’t have to, because we do it for you.

Synchronicity likes to keep a pulse on all things social, and not just because we can post a mean selfie. Nope, it’s because social media adds tons of value for our clients, and they notice.

What’s coming down the pike in 2017? Here are social media trends to keep an eye out for this year.

Live Video
Mark our words…2017 is going to be the “Year of Live Video.” Where Vine (R.I.P.) left off, Facebook Live and other live-streaming applications are going to create an entirely new platform for exploration. Consumers particularly like that livestreamed videos aren’t ‘canned’ or overly promotional; they’re authentic in a way few other mediums can be. We’ve already seen a couple of businesses use live video in clever ways, but what we’re really looking forward to are all the inevitable live-feed bloopers.

SMS Messaging
Did you know that messaging apps like WeChat and WhatsApp actually have a larger community of users than traditional social networks? Millennials, in particular, are looking for relevant brands to connect with them on these platforms. They particularly like being able to connect directly (and in some cases, immediately) with brand reps within the apps themselves.

Augmented Reality
Remember when all anyone could talk about for two weeks in July was PokemonGO? Yeah, that’s a version of augmented reality. Snapchat has already primed its audience with filters and funny tags, but 2017 will be the year brands really get into the augmented reality game. Although it will be tempting to capitalize on the success of those who came before, smart brands will be innovative in their use of this exciting new field.

Disappearing Media
Blame this trend on the youths, enamored with the idea that everything posted on the internet isn’t really, truly there to stay forever…is it? It all started with Snapchat’s disappearing messages, but now even stalwart Instagram is jumping into the fray with Disappearing Stories. Today we’re seeing brands take advantage of the notion of scarcity (“Limited Time Only!”) by jumping feet-first into disappearing media. Think: Flash sales, “secret” photos, and websites that only stay live for a day.


Wondering what more will come?

It’s an exciting time to be a brand. The digital age presents so many opportunities for businesses to make their mark – it’s important you make yours the right way. As with so many things, you only get one chance to make a first impression online.  

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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas