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    Social Media Trend Update: What's the Deal with Bots?

    Posted by Synchronicity on Feb 26, 2018 9:24:00 AM


    If you’ve been on a social media platform at any point in the last year, you’ve probably encountered a bot. In fact, if you’ve been on any business website recently, there’s a good chance a bot has tried to engage you in conversation.

    What the heck is a bot? you ask.

    A bot is a software application designed to mimic natural human interaction. You know…the little chat boxes that pop up and cheerfully ask, “Finding everything okay?” as you browse an online catalog? Chat bots are all the rage on social media, and here’s why.


    Bots Make It Personal

    In an increasingly globalized world, bots make business feel personal again. They bring a touch of humanness into otherwise cold, corporate exchanges; they create one-on-one interactions that resonate with customers the way a FAQ page never could.

    Today’s customer is always online. Most businesses simply don’t have the manpower to respond to emails or phone calls twenty-four hours a day, so implementing software that can answer customer questions as they have them is a good way to endear themselves to an always-on audience.


    Social Media and the Bot

    Bots and social media are a match made in heaven. Studies prove that customers increasingly look to social media when they want to interact with a brand. Having a bot in place when they get there just makes sense. Businesses pour a lot of energy into attracting customers to their social presences, so why not have a company “representative” waiting when they arrive?

    Social media meets your customer on an inherently more casual playing field than your business’ website. Bots do the same thing relative to email. Customers are more likely to ask bots quick one-off questions that can drive them closer to conversion than they are to take the time to fill out a complex contact form. In a world where efficiency matters, bots are efficient!


    Implementing Chat Bots

    Bots are surprisingly simple to implement, and less expensive than you think. All the big social platforms (like Facebook) offer their own bot software plugins to seamlessly allow brands to bot-ify their social profiles. It’s also possible to develop bots using a separate marketing automation software and implement them anywhere your business wants, like directly on your website.

    Consider bots the next generation of digital marketing. They’re out there representing the brand, creating meaningful content one customer at a time. For customers, the ease of use is worth the small hassles that come with talking to a robot. For businesses, the ability to be constantly present is worth the nominal cost.

    Wondering if bots could improve your online presence? They probably could.
    Bots are just another part of a comprehensive digital strategy, and they’re one that’s definitely not going anywhere anytime soon. If your customers are online, you need “someone” there to talk to them.


    Reach out to Synchronicity today to talk about how easy it is to build bots into your social media strategy.


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