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Social media tip: Engage prospects and customers

07/25/11, 2:07 PM

Social networks are a great place to engage with prospects and customers.

Forrester has published a report on B2B social marketing, and has been blogging on this topic as well. Their research indicates: business buyers are increasingly “going social” when they first realize that they have a problem and are looking to learn from and interact with experts in their problem space.

This means that B2B marketers should use social media to interact with prospects earlier in their problem-solving cycles in order to demonstrate thought-leadership and expertise.

Another way for B2B marketers to engage with prospects is via highly-targeted social advertising channels. For example, LinkedIn’s DirectAds Program allows you to target professionals by industry, company size, seniority, job function, location and more.

While this type of ad targeting generates significantly fewer impressions and clicks than traditional PPC advertising (on Google, for example)… respondents tend to be much more qualified and many B2B marketers realize a superior ROI.

- Excerpt from original article by Jessie Thomas

Randy Smith