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Should Your Business Be on Pinterest?

01/30/17, 9:33 AM
Alex Kastanas

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Should your business be using Pinterest to market itself?

The short answer: If you’re consumer-facing, probably! If you’re B2B? There still may some excellent opportunities for branding on one of the social media darlings of the moment.

First, let’s look at a few VERY IMPORTANT facts to know about using Pinterest for business.

  • There are over 175,000,000 registered users on Pinterest, 100,000,000 of those “active”
  • About 85% of Pinterest’s users are women
  • Two-thirds of Pinterest users are under the age of forty (and growing)
  • Over one-third of the users on Pinterest have household incomes over $100k
  • About 5% of ALL referral traffic to websites online comes from Pinterest. That’s second only to Facebook.

In the digital marking business, that’s what we like to call a stacked deck. So, if your business is already active on social media and you’re not using Pinterest…you’re missing out!

What to Know About Marketing on Pinterest

The great thing about Pinterest for marketers is that one of the barriers to entry has already been removed. Consumers use Pinterest specifically to “pin” products they might want to buy, so marketers don’t have to worry about selling to consumers in a space they don’t want to be reached. Over 93% of Pinterest users say they’ve pinned something they plan to purchase in the future.

Pinterest has made huge strides in recent years to help businesses carve an easier path to market digitally on the platform. Pinterest for Business allows marketers to set up a business-specific account, utilize helpful analytics tools, and even purchase “sponsored Pins” that act like ads on the site. The business side of the platform also allows companies to “confirm” their profile so consumers can be sure they’re pinning directly from the source.

The Trick to Success on Pinterest

Like any social media platform, your exposure is only as valuable as the content you create. Because Pinterest pins have a long shelf life, good ones can drive traffic back to your website for years! What constitutes “good” Pinterest usage as a business? Consistently posting and pinning is the number one criteria. Equally important is the quality of images you choose to use – Pinterest is an image-based platform, after all. If there’s ever been a time to invest in professional photography, that time is now.

Whether you’ve got a brick-and-mortar store or simply hope to bolster online sales, Pinterest is a gateway to the coveted female consumer (who’s said to make up to 85% of the purchasing decisions for her family.) In essence, if you’re not on Pinterest, you should be.


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Alex Kastanas

Alex Kastanas